Jason Bassett, Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer, Earns Another Encouraging Review

Long Island, NY-- Being charged with criminal activity in New York can have severe consequences. Few people know this better than Suffolk County criminal lawyer Jason Bassett. The impacts of being convicted of a crime can be dire and can sometimes even change the trajectory of a person’s entire life. Mr. Bassett believes that no one must deal with the criminal justice system alone and without the advantage of a proficient and experienced criminal defense attorney.

As an experienced criminal lawyer, Mr. Bassett understands that a person’s quality of defense if charged with a criminal offense can make a big difference. Whether the charges get dismissed, downgraded, a plea deal is put forward, or if they wind up in prison or jail and for how long, can frequently depend upon the work of their defense attorney. Whether an individual has been charged with theft, assault, murder, domestic violence, or even a DWI or DUI, a criminal charge and conviction can haunt them for years to come. This is why it is crucial to have the representation of someone with the knowledge, experience, and determination to fight for the offender's rights.

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“Although criminal penalties and prison time are hard enough, the way criminal convictions and charges affect the rest of the suspect’s life can be similarly terrible,” stated Mr. Bassett. “An accused can be punished and serve their time, and yet for the rest of their life, there is a reminder that they are still thought of as a criminal in society’s eyes. A criminal charge can impact a person’s future employment, academic options, professional licenses and accreditations, and involvement in specific government programs. Each time that person requests a task, the prospective company will take a look at them differently. A well-crafted criminal defense is important to protect my customers not just from the criminal punishment itself but likewise these other long-lasting collateral effects.”

As a former district attorney, Mr. Bassett has witnessed the other side of the criminal justice system and the way numerous defendants feel they are without power within the system. He has since turned his sights to criminal defense to level the playing field and safeguard the rights of those who may have been charged with a crime at either the federal or state level. Both clients and other attorneys continue to offer positive reviews and testimonials concerning their work together.

Chad Moncada from Suffolk county states: "Jason was extremely knowledgeable and attentive to all my questions. I was not in the dark about anything. I would strongly suggest using him if you're in need. I had aggravated dui and he got it dropped down. I am very thankful for his help. Please reach out to him if you need help and want someone to treat you fair and not dodge your phone calls and questions. Highly recommended."

In the US legal justice system, an offender has crucial rights under the law, and it is the criminal defense attorney's task to uphold those rights. With over twenty-one years in the criminal justice system, Mr. Bassett has committed his practice to protect the rights of his clients in and out of the courtroom. Readers can discover more about him at https://jbassettlaw.com/.


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