Jason Bassett New York DWI Lawyer Earns Another Great Review

Long Island, NY -- A New York criminal conviction can have serious consequences. Jason Bassett, a New York DWI lawyer is the best person to help you understand this. Conviction of a crime could have serious consequences that can alter a person's whole life. Mr. Bassett believes everyone should have access to a skilled criminal defense lawyer.

Bassett is an experienced DWI lawyer and knows how important it can be for an individual to have a good criminal defense. It is often up to the defense lawyer if the charges are dropped, downgraded or if a plea deal or sentence is offered. It doesn't matter if a person is charged with burglary, assault, murder, or any other crime, a conviction or criminal charge can be devastating for their future. It is important to retain someone with the necessary knowledge, experience, determination, and resolve to represent the defendant.

Mr. Bassett stated that while criminal penalties and jail sentences are difficult enough, the effects of criminal convictions or charges on the rest of a defendant's life could be equally devastating. While a defendant may be sentenced and served their time, it's still possible to see them as a criminal for the rest their lives. A criminal conviction can have a negative impact on an individual's ability to find employment, academic potential, or participation in certain federal government programs. Every time a person is offered a job, they will be viewed differently by the potential employer. It is essential to have a well-constructed criminal defense in order to protect my clients from not only the criminal penalty but also these long-term collateral effects.

Bassett is a former prosecutor and has seen the other side of the criminal justice process. This includes the way defendants feel that they have no power within the system. To help even the playing field and protect the rights of all those who have been charged at the state or federal level, he has turned his attention to criminal defense. Their work has been praised by clients and lawyers alike.

Stamm Doris from New York states: "Jason Bassett is an incredible lawyer! Just left court and got exactly the result I was looking for. He is extremely professional, straight-forward, and attentive. I would recommend him highly! You don't need to look any further if you're looking for a criminal lawyer."

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A criminal defendant has certain rights in our legal system. The task of the criminal defense attorney is to help them. Bassett, who has been in the criminal justice system for more than 21 years, is committed to protecting his clients' rights in and outside the courtroom. Learn more about him by visiting https://jbassettlaw.com/are-dwi-checkpoints-illegal-in-new-york/


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