JAMM Hands Free Door Solution Can Help in Ensuring the Workplace Is Safer in the Aftermath of the Pandemic

Hilwaite Holdings, based in Phoenix, AZ, points out that the JAMM Hands Free Door Solution may play a key role in the major changes in the workplace that have to be made to ensure that employees are safe in the aftermath of the pandemic. For instance, desks would be placed six feet apart or barriers would have to be positioned between them. There would also be a need to install germ-free technology. For instance, ultraviolet light may be used to disinfect surfaces and the air filters have to be improved to ensure that viruses and germs do not get circulated. Touchless office technologies may also be added, such as light-activated hand dryers and sinks. Many companies have also started using ultraviolet light to disinfect offices when no one is around.

Meanwhile, some offices have been using a number of strategies to ensure that employees can follow social distancing protocols, such as roping off every other office desk, or rearranging the desks so that they face each other. To allow collaboration efforts, some companies are using “desk pods” that may accommodate up to four employees who will still be able to distance themselves properly.

Jamm Hands Free Door Solution

One important strategy is to minimize the number of surfaces that employees touch. Thus, handshaking will likely be something of the past and creative ways to prevent touching door handles have to be used. This is vital because door handles are some of the most frequently touched surfaces in a building, especially those on restroom doors.

In some offices, door handles may no longer be used to minimize the spread of germs. Doors may be equipped with sensors that automatically open the door when people approach. This may require high tech systems that are quite expensive. This is where the JAMM Hands Free Door Solution may prove to be useful. It is an easy, inexpensive solution as it offers a simple way to open a door without having to use the hands and without having to install expensive electronic doors.

The JAMM Hands Free Door Solution has a patented, anti-ligature design and it is treated with Biomaster antimicrobial technology that uses a silver-ion additive. This ensures lifetime germ-free protection and offers a way to keep clean hands clean. It should be pointed out that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has estimated that almost 40 million Americans get sick each year due to bacteria that has been spread via hand contact.

It should also be noted that the JAMM Hands Free Door Solution complies with both ADA and ISO requirements and may therefore be used in both residential and commercial buildings. It would be best to use this hands-free door solution in certain establishments, including restaurants, retail spaces, hotels and hospitality businesses, medical facilities, nursing homes, education facilities, custodial institutions, and public restrooms.

The JAMM Hands Free Door Solution offers a number of benefits. These include: a simple and safer solution to opening doors in public spaces because the door can be opened by using the wrist or forearm to prevent harmful microbes from reaching the hands; lifetime sanitary protection due to the Biomaster silver-ion additive that fights the growth of microorganisms and will never wash or wear off; inexpensive solution; strong and durable design as it is Grade 4 certified for commercial applications under heavy-duty conditions; and ease of installation as it can be placed alongside existing door handles. All installation hardware is included. It also comes with a clip that allows for easy attachment to most existing handles, including refrigeration and cooler doors making it ideal for grocery and convenience stores.

The JAMM Hands Free Door Solution is currently available in the color of ivory, and its dimensions are 2.75 inches by 5.875 inches by 3.5 inches. It was designed and made in the UK and it is produced with proprietary manufacturing.


Hilwaite Holdings is a business that specializes in offering simple and safer solutions for customers. They are the exclusive distributor of JAMM® products in North America. Those who are interested in learning more about this sanitary, touchless door opener can check out the Hilwaite Holdings website at https://hilwaite.com/, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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