James Stephen, Authorised Marriage Celebrant in NSW, Says the Wedding Industry Is Booming Again After COVID

James Stephen, an authorised marriage celebrant in Maroubra, NSW, is excited to announce that the wedding industry is booming again after COVID and that it’s time for couples to begin planning their weddings. In fact, he will be officiating an upcoming wedding in New South Wales. He offers various kinds of packages to meet the different needs of his clients. He has just launched a new package with an elopement styled ceremony and a two hour photography session to capture those special moments of the couple’s very special day, This particular package has already proven to be quite popular for couples who desire a more intimate and smaller wedding. Those who want to know more about James Stephen and his marriage celebrant services can visit his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/jamesstephencelebrant.

James Stephen says, “As a Marriage Celebrant I provide the ‘fun, slick-styled wedding’. They are a reflection of me. I am a professional at what I do and I provide exactly what my couples want in their ceremonies. My role as a celebrant is to help you with all the details for your ceremony, to provide your legal requirements and to explain all the options. I want to help you create the ceremony you envision. I want your wedding to reflect the two of you, your love story, your journey, your beliefs and your values.”

James Stephen - Authorised Marriage Celebrant

James Stephen offers several wedding ceremony packages. These are the: Sheer Elegance/Photography Package, Ultimate MC Package, The Ultimate Package, and Sheer Elegance Package.

The Sheer Elegance/Photography Package is perfect for the couple that are looking for a microstyled wedding. It saves time and money because it allows booking two services into one. The Ultimate Package styled ceremony is for the couple that prefer the experience of a completely personalised ceremony that reflects their love story. The Ultimate MC Package includes the services of an MC for the duration of the wedding. The Sheer Elegance styled ceremony is suitable for the couple that prefers a simple ceremony but with optional extras. He also offers other kinds of ceremonies. These include: Elopement Ceremonies, MC Events, Naming Day Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, and Vow Renewal Ceremonies.

James Stephen advises couples who are planning to marry that there are certain legal requirements in Australia. Both must be at least 18 years of age. However, marriage is still possible if one is under the age of 18, as long as parental consent is provided. And a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) has to be filed with an authorised marriage celebrant at least one calendar month before the wedding ceremony. Various documents will also be needed, such as passport, birth certificate or a birth extract. For those born overseas, they will need to submit an overseas passport, translated into English, or an overseas birth certificate. For those previously married, they will need to show a divorce or death certificate. At least two witnesses who are at least 18 years of age will be required for the wedding ceremony. These witnesses will need to understand English or else an interpreter will have to be present during the ceremony.

In creating the various details of the ceremony for the couple, James Stephen will need to get various information. He will email the couple a questionnaire that they will have to complete. The questions are all based on the kind of relationship that the couple has. To make it even more exciting, he suggests that each one fill the questionnaires separately because there will be some differences and similarities in their responses. Once he has written the details of the ceremony, he will ask the couple to look it over and they can make any changes they want and then send it back to James.

James Stephen is an Authorised Marriage Celebrant in New South Wales who provides a wide range of wedding ceremonies, including same-sex marriage. Those who are interested in learning more about the various packages offered by James Stephen can check out his website at jamesstephencelebrant.com, or contact him through the telephone or via email.


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