Jacksonville Tree Service Experts Creates a Specialized Emergency Tree Service Team

Jacksonville, Florida - Jacksonville Tree Service Experts today announced the creation of a separate emergency tree service team. This announcement comes after the company had to deal with a series of complicated emergency tree removal procedures.

“Tree emergencies require special attention,” said the Jacksonville Tree Service Experts CEO when announcing his new emergency team. “For example, when homeowners invite a company to handle an emergency tree removal, the team almost always finds a tree that is minutes from dropping on powerlines, houses, or other vital utilities.”

Jacksonville Tree Service Experts

“To create a plan that brings down such trees without property damage,” added the CEO, “the emergency tree service team has to rely on years of tree service experience and the ability to operate flawlessly under pressure – these are two very rare qualities.”

The Jacksonville Tree Service Experts CEO proceeded to note that the new emergency tree service team brings together qualified professionals with at least a decade of experience. By making a decade of experience one of the requirements for joining the team that will be handling emergency tree service in Jacksonville, the company reportedly picked individuals who have handled at least a hundred emergencies.

“Experience comes from making mistakes,” said the Jacksonville Tree Service Experts CEO. “However, with the new emergency team, the goal is to complete each risky procedure without making mistakes.”

“When a tree is leaning over a million-dollar house and Jacksonville Tree Service Experts is tasked with removing the tree,” added the CEO, “the goal is to bring down the tree without scratching the house. A team with more than 50 years of combined experience will have the ability to come up with a viable tree removal plan in a matter of minutes. This will help the company save the homeowner’s expensive investment.”

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Jacksonville Tree Service Experts has reportedly equipped the emergency team with modern tree service tools. Since last week, the company has been adding tools like cranes, bucket trucks, and power cutting tools to its yard. When the company announced its new, specialized team this morning, the first assumption that reporters made is that the new tools were purchased specifically for the new team. However, the reporters had to communicate with the company’s CEO to confirm its assumptions.

“It takes more than just experience and the ability to plan quickly to bring down a 150-foot white pine that is leaning dangerously over powerlines,” the Jacksonville Tree Service Experts CEO told the reporters. “Risky procedures need advanced tools to complete safely.”

“A combination of the crane and strong ropes will help the company’s team of tree cutting professionals control the falling direction of a difficult tree,” added the CEO, “For example, in the case of a white pine that is leaning dangerously over powerlines, the crane can pull it back, forcing it to fall away from the powerlines.”

After getting the confirmation that Jacksonville Tree Service Experts has spent a lot of money acquiring the tools its team will need during emergency tree removals, reporters wanted to know whether the company planned to raise the cost of professional tree services in Jacksonville.

“Jacksonville Tree Service Experts has been operating in this city for the past 25 years,” said the CEO in response to the reporter's question about tree service costs, “One thing the company has learned is that tree service cost is the major factor homeowners consider when hiring tree care companies. These property owners will choose a team whose skills are questionable just to enjoy an affordable cost. To ensure customers are getting the best services, Jacksonville Tree Service Experts had to make its services affordable years ago – the company will not increase its cost just because it has created a specialized emergency team.”

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