Jackson Heights, Queens Construction Accident Lawyer K.L. Sanchez Law Office Receives Another Positive Review

Queens, NY - KL Sanchez Law Office, a premier Queens construction accident lawyer, continues to build upon their winning record and reputation with one more favorable client testimonial.

Jackson Heights, Queens resident Becht Harrison, a construction worker injured in a worksite accident, says: “K L Sanchez Law Office P.C. is the best construction accident lawyers in Queens. Their entire team was incredibly helpful from starting my case to settling it. After I was hurt on the job in Jackson Heights, my friends suggested I go here and I didn't regret that choice. If you want to pick the most reliable lawyer then go with this law firm for your construction accident or workers compensation case. If you need to win your lawsuit then this law office is the only choice. These are the guys that will get you there. I very strongly recommend them to anyone.”

queens construction accident lawyer

Situated in Jackson Heights, Queens, and with a professional service area that extends into Bronx and entire NYC, the Queens construction accident lawyer has been successful in assisting the law firm's clients through the experiences and challenges of their lawsuits. Many personal injury lawyers consider construction accident cases to be some of the most stressful in their law practice. However, K L Sanchez and her law office staff at KL Sanchez Law Office, P.C. work hard to make certain that their construction worker clients are properly spoken for in and out of the courtroom FOR PI ONLY: and fairly compensated.

Regarding construction injury cases in Jackson Heights, Queens, and beyond, KL Sanchez said: “At K L Sanchez Construction Accident Lawyers, we have devoted our personal injury law practice to the victims of injuries due to the negligence and carelessness of others. We are New York construction accident lawyers who are experienced in cases involving workplace injuries, particularly as they apply to construction accidents and understand the complex federal and state regulations that apply to these cases.”

Construction accident cases are known for their complex nature and call for a great deal of diligence and competence to show negligence and liability under New York State law.

KL Sanchez goes on to explain: “Under the law, all property owners in the State of New York must ensure that their property is reasonably safe for anyone who is on-site. Under premises liability laws, these owners may be found responsible for injuries that are sustained due to unsafe conditions on a construction site.

The contractor or other construction workers may have caused the unsafe conditions and could be held accountable for injuries. Even equipment and tool manufacturers and rental companies that supply construction equipment can be held liable for injuries due to equipment that was not manufactured safely or maintained appropriately.”

KL Sanchez and the team at KL Sanchez Law Office P.C. work relentlessly to ensure each and every detail of a construction accident case is thoroughly evaluated. This process includes reviewing police and medical records, a thorough review of other cases involving either party, researching similar legal cases in New York, and more.

KL Sanchez Law Office P.C. and KL Sanchez strive to offer all their clients in a way that exceeds the manner of a traditional personal injury lawyer. Likewise, the law office prides itself on its ongoing commitment to its clients, a thoughtful and caring approach to client representation, and fighting for their client's rights in and out of the court.


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