J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore Uses Tree Pruning to Fix Under-Producing Mango Trees

Lake Elsinore, California – For the past three days, J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore has been working on Elias Milford’s orchard. The company’s tree pruning team was tasked with helping the fruit farmer improve the production of his mango trees. According to Elias Milford, production had reduced by over 30% in the last 2 years.

After inspecting the mango trees, J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore realized that the trees’ crowns were too overcrowded. Using tree pruning, the company removed unnecessary branches, giving the trees room to breathe and ensuring maximum sun accessibility for photosynthesis.

J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore

“Fruit farming is a new occupation in this home,” Elias Milford told reporters during an interview. “The orchard has been around for about 7 years. For the first 3 years, the trees were not productive – therefore, this family has only known real fruit farming for about 4 years. For this reason, no one would have guessed that overcrowded crowns could reduce productivity.”

“Everyone thought that the more branches a mango tree has,” added Elias, “the more capacity it had for the fruits. This was all wrong – according to the team that handled tree pruning, more branches create competition for nutrients, water, and also block sunlight. With malnutrition, the branches produce fewer fruits.”

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When reporters entered Milford’s orchard, they were surprised to learn that the fruit farmer has more than 60 mango trees. This raised questions on how J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore managed to prune the trees so quickly. To answer the questions, the reporters decided to contact the company’s CEO.

“Having a good tree pruning team has always worked well for this company,” said the J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore CEO, “The team is equipped with modern tree service tools which make their work much easier.”

“For example,” added the CEO, “When working on Milford’s orchard, the team used a bucket truck instead of climbing up the trees manually. Instead of relying on manual cutting tools, the team used power cutting tools.”

According to the company’s chief of field operations, J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore pruned at least 2 trees every hour. Arriving on Milford’s orchard at 6 am and leaving at around 6 pm, the company worked 12 hours per day. This helped the team complete the entire project in 3 days.

“The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Lake Elsinore had to work quickly,” said the company’s CEO. “The company was already had more than 5 clients lined up. Since J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore does not like to keep its customers waiting, the tree pruning team had to work harder than expected.”

Milford’s trees are set to start producing fruits next year in spring. According to the J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore CEO, the homeowner will notice an increase in productivity as early as the next production season.

“The productivity, however, won’t reach its peak in 2022,” said the J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore CEO. “The trees will need some time to recover from the stress they have been dealing with for the past 2 to 3 years. It may take 2 to 3 production seasons for the trees to fully recover and go back to the level of productivity that Milford was originally used to.”

According to one of the company’s tree pruning professionals, the best way that Milford can avoid a productivity drop in the future is to invest in regular tree pruning. This will keep his trees’ growth in check.

“The mangoes will be pruned annually,” Milford told reporters when they asked him about his plans for the future. “This is what J&M Tree Service Lake Elsinore advised when they were working on the trees. Following their advice seems like the best thing to do.”

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