IT Specialist Supports Construction Firms In San Francisco

San Francisco, CA based Bay Area Construction IT is reaching out to the community to shed light on how they can help and support construction firms in the area. The company encourages all local construction firms to get in touch to learn more.

When it comes to IT services, construction firms have very specific needs, requiring special consideration for certain areas. As a result, construction firm employees tend to use IT in their own way, often using mobile technology that can keep up with their active lifestyle. This requires a stable connection both on their worksite and within the firm’s premises. Additionally, given that most of these users are not very familiar with IT, the devices and systems they use need to be simple so as not to cause any confusion, fast so as to not to cause any frustration and reliable in order to guarantee connectivity and support 24/7.

"We build IT for construction firms that are easy to use, hard to break and always fixable," states Steve Boullianne of Bay Area Construction IT. "We have 20 years of experience in this industry, and we have helped our construction clients grow exponentially and find success in this very competitive field. We know what it takes to provide good IT support for construction firms, and we are always ready to offer it to new clients."

As construction IT providers, Bay Area Construction IT can provide job-site installations for ongoing traditional construction as well as modular construction projects. This makes them a one-stop solution that facilitates the entirety of the process for construction companies, the managers of which can turn to their trusted IT providers to support their new projects. The local IT company states that they can handle all of the expected built-in technologies, relieving the construction company of this hassle and the complications that may come with it.

Boullianne states, "We can handle everything from the site's cabling—including spaces for Cat6+ and Fiber, computer cables and security cameras—to the installation of public and private WiFi networks. The installation of modern security systems is also included, with a safe, closed surveillance network that allows security personnel to view current and old footage at a moment's notice. We also set up Board Rooms and DataClosets. Our mission is to offer affordable, more efficient and more mobile IT support to keep you building your business with no worries or hiccups."

For traditional IT construction, Bay Area IT Construction states that they allow themselves to offer more comprehensive services. This includes the set up of in-house applications, cloud applications, Windows, macOS, Slides, iPads and phones. Boullianne states, "We install everything that you need to run your construction firm, from email security measures to time tracking tools. We excel at serving firms in the construction industry because we love this niche, and, for us, being with builders is like being with friends. These are our people. We are their Tech-builder friends."

Over the course of their 20-year history, Bay Area Construction IT has earned a distinguished reputation among local construction firms. Through their website, they share testimonials that attest to the excellence of their services.

One of their most recent success stories, written by Martin Fray, says, "The customer care we received from Bay Area Construction IT is second to none! They really handle all of our IT problems with such care, and so quickly. It is nice to work with a company that is so on top of things, the response time is awesome. On top of that, every technician we work with has been so nice, friendly and helpful. Really great service. Thanks!"

Another testimonial from Adrian Svidsten says, "I had a great experience from the beginning to the end of my service. They are very responsive and helpful. I had made special requests, and they did their best to accommodate my needs. I highly recommend Bay Area Construction IT, we have held a subscription for service for several years with them."

Bay Area Construction IT's website offers more details on the company and their numerous IT services for construction companies. Interested parties may reach out to Steve Boullianne to follow up on any inquiries as well. Additionally, they may connect with the company through their official social media pages.


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