It Is Now Possible Get Hepatitis B Information At Express STD Testing

People looking for hepatitis B information can get it in plenty at Express STD Testing site. The site also offers hepatitis B testing in addition to the details about the infection.

According to the site, “You can contract hepatitis B if you come into contact with sexual fluids or blood of an infected person. This simply means that you can get hepatitis B from vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex, and the sharing of drug injection equipment such as needles and syringes. Sharing toiletries such as razors and toothbrushes with an infected person can also lead to infection. Information from the CDC indicates that you cannot get hepatitis B from sneezing, coughing, holding hands, kissing, hugging, breastfeeding, or using utensils. There are cases where a person with hepatitis B will not have any symptoms or they will be mild.”

They further explained about the testing process and said that, “With Express STD Testing, testing for hepatitis B is an easy process. We have test centers that are certified by CLIA and will collect small blood sample that are used in the testing process. The test is approved and cleared by the FDA. It will detect acute infections and can be used to detect chronic infections. To avoid the complications caused by the hepatitis B virus, it is important that the infection be detected early. In case the results are positive for hepatitis B we will do another confirmation test for free. If you take the comprehensive STD testing, it will include a hepatitis B test. You will not have to undress or go through uncomfortable swabbing.”

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