Island Nutrition Introduces New Delivery System for Liquid Oregano Oil

Island Nutrition, a company based in Lake Tahoe, NV, is happy to announce that they have introduced a new enhanced delivery system for liquid oregano oil to allow it to be taken by mouth. The company is a manufacturer of oregano oil liquid drops that are 100 percent organic and USDA-certified. The oregano plants are grown and the oil is extracted in southern Spain and then the oil is shipped to the US to be bottled. The oregano oil has been made available in undiluted liquid form as a pure essential oil of oregano, free of synthetic ingredients and there is no carrier oil.

The oregano oil provided by Island Nutrition is a combination of two separate steam-distilled extracts, from fresh oregano and dried oregano, to attain a high concentration of the polyphenol called carvacrol, while retaining the wide range of oregano components. The oil has been standardized to contain 75 percent carvacrol, which has been observed to be very potent for a non-synthetic, natural organic oil.

Island Nutrition now offers capsules that have been pre-filled with 100 mg or approximately 2.2 drops of the same organic oregano oil that they have made available through their USDA-certified pure organic oregano oil liquid drops. The capsule contains 75 mg of non-synthetic, natural carvacrol, along with naturally occurring cofactors, including low-dose thymol.

Erin Anderson, from Product Support, explains, “In some cases, the liquid form has been a challenge. Customers often ask how they can take the drops orally. Since the drops are 100% pure and undiluted, they are very potent and spicy hot, which means they can irritate the lips or mouth. For this reason, for oral use, it has been best to put a drop or two in an empty capsule. The new delivery system makes this much easier.”

The new Self-Emulsifying Extract Delivery System (S.E.E.D.S.) offers better bioavailability. The oregano oil in the capsule has been emulsified in a phospholipid base or organic sunflower lecithin from the Netherlands, organic olive oil from Spain, and organic beeswax from Australia. The capsule doesn’t contain any Chinese ingredients and because the capsule is filled with liquid, it may contain a bubble. They have ensured that this bubble contains pure nitrogen instead of oxygen in order to prevent oxidation. This new delivery system allows for better absorption of the emulsified oil through the gut wall, thus allowing delivery throughout the body. As such, it permits repeat dosages and even a large dosage that doesn’t irritate the stomach. The new capsules are provided in soft gel form that is a cleaner, more convenient, and more potent than regular oregano oil capsules.

Oregano oil has been observed to offer support for seasonal wellness and immune defense, while at the same time balancing gut flora. It has been found to be safe for long-term use without causing havoc on the microbiome. It may be taken on an empty stomach or with food. However, it is recommended that it should not be taken at the same time as probiotics. Liquid oregano oil is usually applied topically in a very diluted form. But buyers need to be aware that other brands of oregano oil often originate from China or Turkey and synthetic carvacrol is often added. Island Nutrition uses specifically the Origanum vulgare species, which is commonly known as “wild oregano,” even though the oregano plant that they use is cultivated. Please note, however, that the above statements have not be evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and that the product is not intended for diagnosing, preventing, treating, or curing any disease.

Founded in 1995, Island Nutrition is a trusted provider of plant-based supplements with the goal of helping people enjoy abundant and healthy lives through holistic and minimally processed natural health products. The company is focused on using a production process that is sustainable and Earth-friendly while providing the top quality products with very high standards of purity and excellence and offering the best value for the dollar. More information about Island Nutrition can be gleaned from their website at Those interested may also contact them through the telephone or via email.


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