Irvine Tree Experts Buys Large Truck for Clean Up After Large Tree Removal

Irvine, California – A company that works hard to provide the best cleanup after handling tree service procedures, Irvine Tree Experts has added a new truck to its fleet to make it much easier for its team to carry waste generated by tree service procedures. The company notes that the new truck will be largely used for projects that produce a lot of waste, such as large tree removals.

“Being the best tree removal company Irvine, we are often invited to handle tree removals for trees taller than 200 feet,” said the chief of field operations. “These trees produce a lot of waste – they have the biggest trunks, numerous branches, and a lot of sawdust. On numerous occasions, this waste has forced us to go back more than once as our previous truck couldn’t handle it in one go. With our new truck, we intend to reduce the amount of time we spend on cleanup after tree services.”

Irvine Tree Experts

Home to experienced tree service experts, Irvine Tree Experts handles all types of tree service procedures. The company has a tree trimming team Irvine which helps homeowners shape their trees, reduce overcrowding on tree crowns, and improve the overall aesthetic appeal of the trees. Using its tree pruning team, the company helps property owners restore safety and health on tree crowns. Through emergency tree service Irvine, the company helps homeowners avoid expensive property repairs that are often made necessary by unexpected tree damage.

“We also handle stump removal,” said Irvine Tree Experts CEO. “When we bring down a tree, we can either remove the stump completely or grind it. Complete removal works best for homeowners who would like to use the space previously occupied by the tree while grinding helps improve safety.”

Irvine Tree Experts notes that it does not just clean after tree removal. The company essentially handles clean up after every tree maintenance project. “We want to leave compounds looking better than we found them,” said the company’s chief of field operations. “Therefore, for every tree service we handle in Irvine, we always collect the waste and take it to the dumpsite.”

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