Invisalign Clear Aligner Recommended By Bexley Dentist

NSW based Bexley Dental is taking measures to ensure their community understands what Invisalign is and why it is the practice’s preferred type of clear aligner. While several methods exist and offer patients a route to a more even, straight smile, Bexley Dental says that these methods are not all created equal, and some have more advantages than others. As such, they firmly believe that Invisalign is the best for their community.

To begin with, the practice says patients should know what clear aligners typically offer over traditional metal braces. Such braces are something of a phenomenon in pop culture and media given that they are quite visible — and in fact are known for being easy to spot in nearly all lighting conditions. Apart from being a visual sore, however, Bexley Dental says there are more practical drawbacks that also make them less than ideal for those who may not be concerned about their appearance.

Invisalign clear aligners

For instance, given the material they are made out of and the way they are attached to the teeth, dentists will give patients a list of foods that have to be avoided. This is to prevent damage to the braces, such as to the brackets, bands and arch wires they are composed of. Bexley Dental says hard or sticky foods are generally a bad idea, and patients may also wish to refrain from eating food that is more difficult to clean out. Otherwise, cavities can form around the braces.

Since few will be comfortable changing their diet for the full period their teeth need to be adjusted, Bexley Dental recommends Invisalign for all procedures of this nature. Any patient in need of adult teeth straightening, for instance, can enjoy the much more discreet method provided by Invisalign, which notably has virtually none of the restrictions as traditional braces.

However, this is likely to be true of other clear aligners as well. Bexley Dental says other options may afford the patient less one-on-one time with their dentist, and this is often touted as a bonus of such options since patients have the so-called benefit of having their clear aligner treatment merely supervised remotely by a dentist or orthodontist. Unfortunately, this also means that the patient does not have a licensed dentist or orthodontist personally handling their procedure. For obvious reasons, the clinic says, this is less than ideal.

Since Bexley Dental far prefers to give their patients the full attention of their specialists, as they deserve, they knew Invisalign was the treatment that best aligned with their treatment goals and overall approach. Invisalign clear aligners are supervised by licensed dentists or orthodontists, with regular visits to the dentist. Others may simply arrive at the patient’s house or other location by post, from where their placement will be handled themselves (albeit with professional supervision).

Furthermore, Bexley Dental says most remote aligner treatments therefore are unable to correct as wide a scope of issues as Invisalign. While they may treat mild to moderate cases, they cannot remedy all bite issues or extreme misalignments. Invisalign, however, is used to correct all of these problems at once, simultaneously straightening teeth as well as correcting an overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite and so on. It can also address overcrowding in the mouth.

Patients who have considered all these options may notice that both Invisalign and its alternatives use clear plastic aligners. Again, however, all plastics are not the same, and Bexley Dental says Invisalign’s clear commitment to research and material science has led them to create the obvious winner: an aligner that provides a more comfortable fit while applying just the right degree of force.

Bexley Dental states in an article on the subject, “Invisalign is suitable for teenagers and adults alike, offering a virtually invisible way of straightening teeth. What’s more, thanks to the advanced technology used by Invisalign, the treatment can fix everything from simple to complex teeth-straightening and bite issues.” To learn whether Invisalign is right for them, a patient need only contact Bexley Dental and schedule a consultation.


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