Introducing Doctor Maha and Her Personal Approach to Corona Life

Doctor Maha Abboud, an award-winning physician and clinical assistant professor, has recently released her book titled, “The Switch: Life in the Time of Corona.” In this book, she relates how she made adjustments to her life, both personally and professionally, during the COVID-19 pandemic that forced citizens into quarantine. More information about Dr. Maha can be gleaned from her Instagram page at

Bonniejean Alford, the founder of Alford Enterprises, served as the editor and foreword writer for “The Switch.” She says, “It has been my honor to work with Doctor Maha on this journey to tell a bit of the cultural shift due to COVID-19. When she asked me to write the foreword, I could not say no. I look forward to assisting her on future books – as they are coming. Doctor Maha sees the beauty and the realities of the world.”

Doctor Maha plans to donate a percentage of all proceeds from book sales to help an orphanage in Homs Syria, where she grew up. She has already been contributing substantially to the success of the children in the orphanage ever since she had migrated to the US, and she has witnessed with pleasure many of the children graduating from college. She will also be donating copies of her new book to local school and community libraries.

Doctor Maha obtained her medical degree from Damascus University and she came to the US to further her education and training at Christ Hospital, Northwestern University, and University of Illinois. While studying in America, she fell in love with the country and decided to stay permanently, bringing along her large family. She was able to establish a thriving medical practice in Chicago and had contributed her medical expertise during the pandemic. She has one daughter and two stepdaughters and she has traveled the world and plans to continue to travel whenever possible, and lives with her husband in a suburban Chicago area.

She has already made a number of important achievements in medicine. These include: Attending Physician of the Year, West Lake Residency; Golden Apple Award for Teaching; Best Educator, West Lake Hospital; and Patients’ Choice Award, Illinois. She is board certified in by the American Board of Obesity; Internal Medicine; and Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolism.

With regards to writing the book, Doctor Maha says, “I could not let my patients’ stories go unheard. I could not let the ones who died alone be forgotten. I owe it to history to write about this part of history for future generations to maybe understand.”

Jamil I., one of the few people who have already read the book praised the book, saying, “The author, Doctor Maha Abboud told powerful stories, facts, and thoughtful ideas. This is a book with a thrilling concept at its core. I loved everything about this book - the writing, the stories, the photos, the knowledge, the history, and the personal and professional inputs. Stunning, thought provoking, real ideas that were dripping with originality. It literally had me captivated. This book had such an incredible dive into all aspects of this epidemic time and into the future that I could not put it down. I more than highly recommend this book. I promise, you will not be disappointed.”

Other readers also praised the book and noted how informative it was and how it was based on real stories. Furthermore, the book offers a perspective of the COVID-19 pandemic from the point of a view of a physician but using terms that can easily be understood by the layman.

She was also the founder of a one-of-a-kind weight loss program, known as Weigh Less for Way Less, and an education company. She had also co-authored the book, “The Elephant in the Room: The Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss and Healthy Living,” in 2017.

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