Introducing, Dexkit: The All In One, Decentralized Trading Toolkit

When it comes to trading cryptocurrencies, the vast expanse of options available to investors can be overwhelming. Ethereum is one of the most robust networks in the space with a whopping 244,697 tokens on its main net as of February 2020. When combined with the ~33,459 exchange markets, it’s no wonder many investors are intimidated. It can become a chore to not only decide which token to invest in but also find the market that offers the best price and most reliable liquidity.

DEXKIT aims to solve this problem with their first tool, the DEXSwap aggregator. With its intuitively designed interface, traders can swap any ERC20 token quickly and reliably. Behind the scenes, the aggregator is scanning 13 DEXs intending to find the best prices and liquidity the market has to offer. With fees as low as .01%, the aggregator's primary objective is to make swapping cryptocurrencies quicker, easier, and more profitable.

DEXKIT is extremely proud of their token swap platform, but they have decided that they have more to offer. The team intends to redefine decentralized crypto exchanges in a meaningful way by building tools that give DEX users advanced trading tools that are traditionally found on centralized exchange platforms. The developers seek to allow users to place decentralized stop/limit orders, trade with leverage, run arbitrage bots, place private orders, and even build customizable token marketplaces. The platform supports WordPress integration which will permit DEXKIT’s tools to be integrated into existing websites. The objective is to supply owners of DEXKIT products with numerous options for customization.

João Campos is the developer responsible for building the DEXKIT toolkit. He is a passionate and talented engineer who specializes in 0x coding. Campos is well educated with a PhD in electrical engineering. After teaching at a university, he transitioned to working on cryptocurrency projects as a full-stack developer. His resume includes contributions to projects like Uniswap, Aave, and Ghost. He is active in telegram and discord groups and enjoys interacting with community members and answering questions. Mr. Campos strives to keep the community privy to the latest news about the project with his bi-weekly updates hosted on the DEXKIT youtube channel.

KIT Token

KIT is the native crypto token on the DEXKIT platform. The OTC sale successfully raised over 1,100 ETH (~$650,000). The KIT token offers buyers incentives to hold through staking, farming, discounted fees, and access to exclusive features. Anyone who holds at least 750 KIT tokens will receive a 90% discount on fees when using the DEXSwap aggregator. This equates to a .01% trading fee, which is below the industry average of ~.1%. DEXKIT subverts traditional fee structures found on centralized crypto exchanges by allowing buyers to stake their KIT tokens to receive 70% of collected fees paid out monthly in ETH. During the month following the release of the KIT token, users have the option to provide ETH and KIT to liquidity pools and stake LP tokens to farm for a secondary token, BITT. DEXKIT looks to invent new ways to reward its users and want the future of the platform to be led by the community.


DEXKIT anticipates increased crypto adoption by devising tools that can be integrated into the next generation of social platforms. is a strategic partner that seeks to leverage DEXKIT’s suite of trading tools to offer next-generation web3 services to its 80,000+ users and 100,000 incoming influencers.

Bitboy Crypto (Ben Armstrong) is an influential figure in the cryptocurrency space with over 160,000 youtube subscribers. He recently stated, "DEXKIT is the next generation DEX, DE-FI platform providing the missing tools that traders have been waiting for." He is an active partner of the project and regularly features DEXKIT in his videos. Bitboy is the proud owner of, a branded aggregator that uses DEXKIT’s underlying aggregator software. BITT is the native token of the bitswap platform and offers discounted fees to holders as well as providing utility within the discord social platform and the upcoming video game, Sandbox.

Ethereum Yield is a popular farming protocol in the cryptocurrency community that recently launched its platform. They have recently announced the acquisition of a branded swap aggregator provided by DEXKIT that will be deployed on their platform. DEXKIT is hoping to highlight and expand on the features that Ethereum Yield has created.

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