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DESTIN, Fla.- The extent to which air travel has been affected throughout the pandemic has been a hot topic across the country, and it seems as though airline policies and procedures are constantly changing. To provide some clarity, Have Travel Memories, an international travel agency in Destin, FL, is informing the community of the current air travel guidelines, changes, safety procedures, and overall availability.

The pandemic affected the world in a myriad of ways, from the small details in the lives of individuals to the big picture projections of significant industries. For airlines, the threat posed by the small sizes and seating structures of their aircraft, as well as the sheer number of individuals who have been staying at home in hopes of preventing the spread of the virus, has caused commercial flight attendance to plummet.

As travelers begin to plan trips again after a long period of placidity, a current trend circulating the airline industry is passengers finding themselves looking at nearly empty seating charts as they select their seats. Then, when it comes time to board the flight, they often walk onto a plane that is much fuller than the seating chart alluded to. This happens because airlines have begun canceling and consolidating flights in response to the decrease in passengers. The problem with this trend is that after viewing the seemingly bare seating charts upon booking their flights, travelers expect to have appropriate social distance from other passengers. When they board the plane and find out that the airline has combined their flight with another, some travelers begin to feel uneasy, not having expected to have to sit so close to other individuals.

However, despite this discrepancy in passenger expectation versus reality, airlines have not resumed operating “business as usual.” They are taking precautions in the form of face mask requirements, additional cleaning, or changes in seating arrangements, in hopes of keeping their crew and passengers safe. Each airline has instated its own policies as it sees fit, so travelers will see differences among each one as they make their travel plans. For example, while nearly every airline is requiring their crew and passengers to wear face masks, only about half of these airlines are ceasing to sell middle seats. In addition, several airlines are currently boarding their flights back-to-front instead of the traditional front-to-back style, and most airlines are cleaning their aircraft before each flight. If a traveler believes certain precautions to be particularly important, they should make sure to book their flight with an airline that is implementing those practices.

Traveling may look a little different these days, but Have Travel Memories is still dedicated to providing individuals with the best solo or group travel trips in Destin and around the world, adhering to each client’s unique needs and desires. For questions regarding specific airline policies and procedures, or for more information on planning a trip with professional guidance, call Have Travel Memories today at (877) 428-3041 or visit their website at


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