Interior Landscaping Business Explains Why Doctors May Start Recommending Houseplants

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Pensacola, FL – Indoor plants are a gorgeous addition to any building, whether it be a workplace or a house. People love to enter a room and lay their eyes on some greenery from outside brought within. However, house and office plants provide more than just beautiful decoration. Heroman Services Plant Company, specializing in interior landscaping, is discussing why doctors think that indoor plants may be able to assist in decreasing influenza and virus incidences.

The Agriculture University of Norway researchers have found that indoor plants help reduce the number of colds, coughs, respiratory diseases, and influenzas that occur [SOURCE]. Two elements contribute to this phenomenon: the higher humidity levels and the wholesome environment that indoor plants provide. Viruses do not endure as well or transfer often when the indoor humidity levels are higher. Studies have revealed that as humidity rises, viral survival rates on surface areas lower. Although a completed set of evidence is not yet available to reveal that all airborne coronaviruses act this way, researchers do not see a reason as to why they would not.

To experience the optimum effectiveness of indoor plants, the number of plants in a room should follow the ratio of one plant for every 100 square feet of area. These plants must be large enough that they need to sit in a pot no smaller than 10 inches wide. When considering plant positioning, it is likewise important to keep in mind that appropriate plant placement can actually decrease the cost of heating and cooling in a building. Having plants professionally installed is a great way to make sure they are efficiently positioned for health, wellness, and money-saving.

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