Insurancecoveredbabyformula.Com Announces That They Have Just Launched Their Redesigned Website

Insurancecoveredbabyformula.Com is pleased to announce that they have just launched their redesigned website. This online company has long been known for providing a wide variety of specialty baby formulas that are eligible to be either fully or partially covered by a customer’s medical insurance. The newly redesigned website will help their customers quickly get to the information they need on their products and help simplify the ordering and eligibility process too.

The company spokesperson says, “We have long been an online baby formula supplier that prides itself in excelling at customer service. It’s an absolute must when selling products online. That’s why we do such things as rigorously train our customer care reps so they know the products that we sell by heart and know our ordering process very well too. They even must be able to quickly walk our customers through the steps necessary to identify whether or not their baby formula needs will be covered by their insurance provider. We also strongly feel that another important part of being a customer-centered company is having a website that’s easy to navigate around, visually pleasing, and not cluttered with unnecessary text. Those of us here at Insurancecoveredbabyformula.Com feel our redesigned and newly launched website has accomplished all of this and more. The positive feedback we have received so far from our customers since we launched the new website only has affirmed our satisfaction with it.”

According to the company spokesperson, several areas of the new website stand out as a big improvement over the old one. It all starts with the dropdown menus at the top of the homepage. These now only include 5 click-on categories which are ‘home’, ‘am I covered’, ‘covered formulas’, ‘FAQ’, and ‘about us’. She says that these click on menu items take their customers' right to the places they need to go to quickly get all of the information they need about the company’s products and services. The pages are also more visually appealing as there are only a few background photos added to each page and less than 50% of each webpage is composed of text. The company spokesperson says even the font size has been enlarged to make for easier reading. She added that some of the old main page menu headings that used to make the top of the homepage look cluttered can now be found on the bottom of the homepage. This includes such click-on items as Blogs, ‘Contact Us’ information, the company’s privacy policy, Return/Exchange information, and Shipping Information. The company spokesperson stated that returning customers who used the old website to get product information and place orders should be very pleased with the way the new website looks and feels.

The spokesperson went on to mention that Insurance Covered Baby Formula is a company that’s dedicated to helping parents get the unique baby formula they need for premature babies and those babies and toddlers that need special metabolic or hypoallergenic formulas. They are what’s considered to be an in-network provider with most insurance companies and they work very hard on a customer's behalf to ensure that most if not all of their specialty baby formula’s costs are covered. She added they are also a company that supplies and ships nothing but the most reputable specialty baby formula brands. This includes baby formulas made by such companies as Enfamil, Similac, Alfamino, Mead/Johnson, and Nutramigen.

Determining insurance coverage eligibility is a very simple process according to the company spokesperson. All a person has to do is fill in their state name and their medical insurance provider on the form found on the ‘am I covered’ page on the newly launched website. She says that this will immediately bring up a list of the baby formulas that the company carries that are usually covered by that particular insurance provider. The company spokesperson added that those customers who do not want to place their orders through the website, they can also do this by speaking directly with a customer service rep over the phone.

For parents that are looking for more information on baby formula covered by insurance, they can go to the company’s new website or call Insurance Covered Baby Formula at the number provided here.


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