Insurance Provider Improves Customer Experience Through Access and Choice

Williamsville, NY based Prusinski Financial Services is pleased to report that they have been making excellent progress in their mission to give their clients a wider array of choices in insurance. The firm is achieving this by partnering with numerous carriers and allowing their clients to shop around for the specific type of coverage they need. Learn more about the company, their experience in the field and their recent efforts to improve their clients’ experience by visiting their official website.

Numerous types of insurance may be sought at Prusinski Financial Services, making them a one-stop destination for virtually every client. They provide auto, home, motorcycle, business and life insurance in addition to many others, each category of which has been carefully designed to ensure clients always have multiple avenues to consider. Furthermore, they understand that insurance can be an incredibly overwhelming arena to tackle, and this is why their agents make it a point to be available for one-on-one discussions with clients who need help. Assistance, in other words, is always provided by a real person instead of an automated process.

This is especially important given that clients can consider policies offered by a variety of carriers. An individual who does not work in the insurance industry may be somewhat familiar with a few carriers’ policies if they have worked with these providers in the past. However, they are unlikely to know how to navigate every provider’s offerings, and this is where the personalized attention provided at Prusinski Financial Services can prove to be invaluable.

Reviews paint an extremely positive picture of the company’s services as well as their overall dedication to ensuring that clients get exactly the coverage they need. The company was initially founded with the goal of supporting as much choice in insurance as possible, believing that this naturally leads to clients being able to make more lifestyle-oriented selections that also provide the specific coverage they are looking for. This has resulted in the company receiving highly favorable reviews from the people they have helped since their inception.

As Maria Milazzo’s 5-Star review on the Google platform shares, “Brett Prusinski and the staff (Sarah) at Allstate reminded me what it is like to deal with an agent/agency who truly want to help you get the best coverage to match your needs. They are always helpful, pleasant and do seem to truly care about the consumer. Combine that with the reputable Allstate company, I wouldn’t want to go to anyone else. Brett really listened to me and worked with me to make paying for auto insurance (and renters insurance) as painless as possible. I would recommend Allstate, and using Brett Prusinski as your agent!” More can be learned through the agency’s Youtube channel.

Sam Thomas’ review also sheds light on the fact that the agency does their utmost to educate clients wherever possible. Transparency, they believe, is key to giving people the tools they need to make the right decisions for their lives. As experienced as the team at Prusinski Financial Services is, the final call has to be made by the client, and this process does not work if they are unable to understand the full extent of their choices as well as any benefits or drawbacks they may face. To address this, the agency always encourages their clients to ask questions at every stage and request further clarification as necessary. Every effort will be made to explain the policy in question and weigh its benefits against any others that are available at the time.

Thomas’ review explains, “Brett is informative and super helpful! As a first time homeowner looking for homeowners' insurance, he was able to help me bundle my auto and home for an affordable price and make sure I was completely covered with both! I’ve been with him for a year, and within this year, in addition to buying my house I purchased a new car. He made the process so simple, even my dealership was impressed. When I have questions he’s always a call / email away and I always get a prompt answer. It’s a breath of fresh air during these times!”

Clients are welcome to contact the team at Prusinski Financial to follow up on any further inquiries regarding their insurance policies. In addition to their website, the agency also offers further details through their Facebook page where news and other announcements are regularly shared as well.


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