Insurance Coverered Breast Pumps Discusses The Best Pumps

Bloomington, Illinois based Insurance Covered Breast Pumps (ICBP) is reaching out to share information on some of the most popular breast pump models from different brands. The company welcomes further inquiries from those who wish to find these products in their area.

Choosing a breast pump model, or even a certain brand, is one of the lesser known challenges that mothers can encounter. Even when the options are narrowed down by insurance coverage, some models and certain specifications fit different needs. This makes it so that choosing a specific item is quite an endeavor, leaving most people overwhelmed and at a loss on where to begin searching when they need an insurance-covered breast pump.

"We are all too familiar with this struggle, which is why each of our products comes with a thorough description of exactly how it can help and what issues it is designed to alleviate," states a representative of the company. While they do offer more direct guidance to their clients, they encourage their community to browse the online resources available on their website.

Among the most popular products sold on their site are the Medela Breast Pumps. The Medela pump is one of the top doctor-recommended breast pump products. The brand is also committed to supporting mothers on their journey of breastfeeding by producing innovative products to help make breastfeeding a special time for mom and baby.

The Medela Sonata Smart Breast Pump is one of the most popular models that come from the brand. This is one of the most feature-rich pumps as well, offering powerful vacuum strength and responsive technology for a more consistent pumping experience. The pump functions on a rechargeable battery that lasts up to one and a half-hour of continuous pumping, allowing for convenient, portable pumping at virtually any location, especially given that the model is lightweight and easy to transport (it has a built-in handle). It is easy to use and easy to clean, and it crucially does not compromise on either comfort or results, as the pump includes two sizes of PersonalFit Flex breast shields — proven to remove 11.8% more milk in a shorter period and designed to reduce pressure on the breast to optimize milk flow.

Spectra Breast Pumps are also popular on ICBP's website. This is a brand dedicated to helping nursing mothers and their babies get off to the best start possible. Their double electric breast pumps are designed to bring comfort and confidence to as many breastfeeding moms as possible, who can count on Spectra to be right there when they need them most, every step of the way.

This brand’s most popular product is the Spectra Synergy Gold (SG) Electric Breast Pump. This is a new model that offers the most advanced and up-to-date technology in the industry as well as some long-awaited innovations. The SG is the first pump of its kind that allows moms to adjust each side independently. It is a closed system, creating a hygienic barrier between outside contaminates and mother’s milk. This advanced technology promotes more productive pumping sessions that can save time with comfort and ease.

Insurance Covered Breast Pumps is a MedSource LLC company. Both entities are committed to helping moms throughout the US qualify for a breast pump through insurance. They offer advice for those in need and get involved with clients to help them navigate the various aspects of insurance that tend to give mothers trouble. Their advice and assistance often proves invaluable, such as when they help mothers determine whether or not they may need a prescription for acquiring a breast pump, how much their insurance covers and even how long it takes to obtain a pump.

The company states, "We try to make the process as simple as possible for our clients in the hope of reducing their stress. We take care of everything, from contacting your insurance to verify coverage and opportunities to submitting all of the required paperwork on your behalf. We will go above and beyond to make this happen for you. If all goes well, you should have the pump delivered directly to you, at a fraction of the cost or no cost at all."

Additionally, ICBP hosts a blog on their website where they have published many useful resources. Some of their latest posts include ‘3 Tips to Help You Prepare to Breastfeed, ‘Our 4 Most Popular Breast Pumps’ and more. All are welcome to use these resources at their convenience.

The company's website offers more information on Insurance Covered Breast Pumps and their services. Interested parties may fill out the contact form on this site to begin the process of determining their insurance coverage.


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