Insurance Covered Baby Formula Releases Metabolic Formulas

Parents can Now access insurance covered metabolic baby formula at no cost.

Parents now have the advantage of accessing free metabolic baby formulas courtesy of Insurance Covered Baby Formula. The company strives to give parents a less costly option when it comes to baby formula. This helps parents reduce the burden of feeding babies especially in cases where breastfeeding is not an option.

The company highlighted one metabolic formula brand as an example during the announcement, “TYROS 1 is an iron-fortified infant formula and medical food powder that is free of the essential amino acids phenylalanine and tyrosine for infants and toddlers with documented tyrosinemia. This product provides all other essential amino acids as well as nonessential amino acids, carbohydrate, fat, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Use under direct and continuing supervision of a doctor. Vitamin and mineral levels meet the U.S. Infant Formula Act requirements per 100 Calories. Increased levels of B vitamins, compared to routine infant formulas, for cofactor production.”

The site also addressed the concern of parents about how long it takes to receive the formula after ordering., “We will verify your insurance within 24 hours of receiving your order and your pediatrician’s prescription. An insurance specialist will advise you of any guidelines your insurance company may have regarding when your formula will ship. Once your order is approved by your insurance, your formula will ship in 1 – 5 business days. Most people ask, does insurance cover baby formula or is there health insurance covering baby formula. We have these answers.”

About Insurance Covered Baby Formula: Insurance Covered Baby Formula, a MedSource, LLC company, is committed to helping parents qualify for specialty formula through insurance. They offer three types of specialty formulas: Hypoallergenic, Metabolic, and Premature Infant.


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