Insurance Agency Offers Comprehensive & Multi-faceted Insurance Options

Spokane, WA based KBG Insurance & Financial is reaching out to local businesses to share how they may benefit from working with the company’s team of experts. In particular, the insurance provider highlights that fact that their experience ranges across a broad spectrum of products, companies and guidelines in the insurance industry, enabling them to offer clients a much more reliable perspective of their insurance options. Learn more about the company, their policies and their products at the following link:

Joshua Loera of KBG Insurance & Financial states, “On the surface, you can boil down the strength of our services to two key features: we are an independent insurance agency who is not beholden to any single company, and we regularly interact with other entities from all across the industry as part of our work. This effectively means that our sole commitment can be to you, our client, and the options we present to you can take innumerable factors into account that other providers simply do not have access to.”

Access is not the only point of concern that should be considered when looking for a suitable insurance provider, however. Loera points out that many, if not most, companies tend to have heavy biases that cause them to be less effective on their clients’ behalf. These biases can be as simple as pushing the company’s own services above all else, even to the detriment of the client, but this disadvantage can greatly disfavor the latter’s growth as a result. The outcome of such a scenario is obvious. In worst case scenarios, a business that works with such an agency may not be as economically or financially stable as they should be. Similarly, an individual who takes out an insurance policy under the shadow of such biases may see a significant impact on their quality of life that need not have occurred at all. Read more here:

Therein, however, lies the value of an independent insurance agency, particularly one whose experience extends to all aspects of the industry. At KBG Insurance & Financial, clients are able to enjoy access to a variety of companies and a correspondingly wide range of products—and this abundance of choice is further supported by the fact that KBG Insurance & Financial gives their clients the ability to swiftly and easily switch from company to company without having to overcome any bureaucratic hurdles. They also make it a point to offer unbiased and objective advice—and they are able to do so because their success as an agency is intertwined with the well being of their clients. Their customer service supports this structure as well, clients may receive claims assistance and advocacy from KBG Insurance & Financial. They even deliver their policy service to clients through the same insurance agent the purchase was made from.

The value represented by the insurance agency’s services can be explored in some detail through the reviews they receive online. On the Google platform, for instance, clients have left highly positive reviews so often that the agency boasts a full 5-Star rating. Many of these reviews praise the agency for their professional conduct, their responsive nature, high quality and so on.

For instance, Lori Morsmon shares that, “I am a 65-year-old single female on a very tight semi-retired income based on Social Security and substitute teaching. I wanted a small life insurance policy with a reputable company which fit my limited budget. And he found that. But the reason for my 5-Star rating is Joshua's customer service.”

Morsmon explains, “We chatted via text one evening and he gathered initial information. A few days later we met for coffee at a site near my home. He took all the time needed to get to know me, my interests, my insurance needs and budget, and for me to get to know him and his company, and to answer questions. Since the preliminary policies he had brought were out of my reach, he continued looking, and two days later we were doing paperwork for a policy which matched my needs. Joshua listens carefully, is flexible, knowledgeable and keeps in regular contact without being pushy or obtrusive. If he can help you, he will, but he will not try to sell you something you do not want. Perfect!”

More information regarding the insurance agency’s services in auto, home, life, commercial insurance and so on can be found on their website. Clients are also encouraged to bring up any further inquiries with Joshua Loera of KBG Insurance & Financial. Furthermore, social media users may connect with KBG Insurance & Financial through their Facebook page, which can be accessed here:


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