Inmate Calling Services at Lowest Rates Offered by Pigeonly

Las Vegas, Nevada -

Las Vegas, Nevada based Pigeonly is reaching out to the wider community to share information about their inmate calling services. Pigeonly provides everyone a simple, affordable way to stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones from any phone, tablet, or computer. More information about their services can be found here:

Frederick Hutson of Pigeonly says, “Humans need connection, and it is no different with people who are serving jail time. The truth is that most who have loved ones in prison find themselves unable to keep in touch because of the astronomical costs of calling an inmate. This needs to change, so we started Pigeonly to ensure that you will get the lowest inmate phone rate possible. With our help, you can accept your loved ones calls without breaking the bank.”

Inmate Calling

While everyone normally has the choice of shopping around and finding the cheapest or most beneficial deals when it comes to cell phone contracts, it is not the same for those who are serving time and their loved ones. Inmates are subject to whatever fees the prison phone service decides to charge. The average 15-minute prison phone call in the United States costs just under $6, but some facilities charge almost $25.

These outrageous charges often also have administration, voicemail and account fees added on top of the call rates, the results of which mean inmate calling is unaffordable for many families. This is exacerbated by the fact that some facilities will also often receive compensation from each phone call. Notably, while there is a push for this practice to be banned, it has not happened yet.

Pigeonly’s inmate calling service is simple and straightforward, and the company promises that there are no hidden fees, service charges or cancellation costs. A customer needs only to look up their recipient with Pigeonly’s easy inmate locator tool. Then, the company will help set up and fund a prison phone account on the user’s behalf, following which they are free to enjoy calls with their inmates at the lowest cost possible. On average, those who use the Pigeonly service will see a 40-60% reduction in their call costs. The best-rate number is only $0.06 per minute, which is a huge difference from the national average cost of a call. Pigeonly offers a 7-day free trial: Start Free Trial.

Pigeonly also offers the ability to send unlimited photos, letters, postcards, and greeting cards to the inmate, as well as the ability to send web and news articles. Since the Pigeonly service is monthly, there are no lengthy contracts. Users can choose to stop the service whenever they like, so if the inmate is released earlier than expected, users can simply cancel their Pigeonly account without incurring any additional fees.

Hutson says, “We understand how overwhelming life can be at times, especially with a loved one in prison. We are here to make things as easy as possible for you. When you join Pigeonly, you will always be able to rely on us. Think of us as your personal assistant, and we would be glad to do everything we can to connect you to your loved one. First, we will get you the lowest calling rate possible for your inmate phone service. Then we will help establish your inmate phone provider or any prison phone system that is used at your inmate’s prison or jail. We will confirm your number is working and can receive calls, and we answer any questions you have. We will do all of the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

Those interested in the services provided by Pigeonly and want to learn more are invited to visit the company’s official website to get started. Frederick Hutson encourages families to get in touch with the company via their online contact portal or reach out to him via phone or email. Pigeonly also maintains a presence on social media, and users can view the company Facebook page for more information.


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