Industrial3D Shows How The Eddie Cable Installer Improves Worker Safety & Crane Operation

Tulsa, OK: B.E. Innovations came to Industrial3D to produce a 3D engineering animation for The Eddie Cable Installer. A newly designed piece of equipment, the stand-alone tension cable process of the Eddie Cable Installer is the first and only of its kind available for crane users. A new level of innovation comes to load line installation with The Eddie and is a universal fit to most cranes. In addition, the Eddie can be installed at ground level, making it so that a single worker can string the load line and complete the install from the safety and comfort of the operator's cam.

industrial3d slicing

The use of cranes happens every day around the world. Therefore, minimizing downtime is of utmost importance. There is no need for a crew to repair or replace the hoist line with the Eddie because of the constant tension and reduced drag on the line. What could take days to fix - bringing a crew into a crane's location - is wholly avoided by the design of a single-user operation and constant tension through its' adjustable drag system. The Eddie is installed at the end of the boom, therefore placing it away from both crew and equipment. These risks are entirely removed as possibilities by not stretching cables across a work area, thus keeping everyone and everything safe.

A lot of engineering goes into producing such an innovative piece of equipment as The Eddie Cable Installer. However, with the help of Industrial3D's top animation professionals, companies can visually see the ease of installing and using The Eddie and the engineering pieces of the equipment. Watch the animation to see:

industrial3d slicing 2

Animations are ideal for engineers and heavy machinery. For example, engineering animations give crane owners and operators a visual explanation and understanding of heavy machinery. Therefore, increasing their likelihood of using and purchasing innovative technology, such as this cable line staller. Learn more about engineering animations by visiting

Engineers and designers can benefit from using engineering animations in many different ways. Everyday use of animation for engineers uses it internally by allowing the company to review possible flaws in the engineered product before production. External use for marketing and explaining is another everyday use to help promote the understanding of engineered products. Engagement will increase by giving the audience a way to visually see the complex engineering components.

About Industrial3D: Industrial3D is a 3D animation & virtual reality studio embracing the most current, cutting-edge 3D technology. Industrial3D's goal is to help companies visually impress and engage their audience to increase sales, revenue, and efficiency. 3D animation, VR, and 3D graphic design communicate a product's value in an easy-to-understand and highly impactful format.


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