Indoor Plant Care Company is a Certified Professional Christmas Light Installer

Indoor plant care in Mobile, AL

Mobile Ala. — Heroman Services Plant Company, an indoor plant care company in Mobile, AL, has completed the certification course to become CLIPA Certified Installers of Holiday Lighting and Decorations. They are looking forward to helping businesses and individuals decorate for this holiday season.

CLIPA is short for the Christmas Light Installation Pros Association, and it is made up of various professional Christmas light installers throughout the United States and Canada. For a company to become a CLIPA Certified Installer, they must go through supervised educational coursework, as well as meet certain business criteria and level of training. For this reason, one can be confident that they are in good hands when they do business with a company that is CLIPA certified. These companies must follow guidelines for quality control to make sure they are in line with CLIPA’s standards.

After joining CLIPA, Heroman Services gained the privilege of being a part of the CLIPA Buyers Group, including a large network of Christmas light installers and vendors, giving Heroman greater buying power, as well as the allowance of special wholesale pricing. This has been a great benefit for Heroman, as they are able to offer their services to clients at a more affordable rate.

Along with installing Christmas lights, Heroman Services also offers a selection of holiday plant arrangements, perfect for any business that wants to spread holiday joy. One of their favorite holiday traditions is providing incredible poinsettia arrangements to both businesses and individuals.

As a sixth-generation, family-owned company that has been involved in horticulture since 1838, Heroman Services Plant Company is highly knowledgeable and experienced in what they do. They offer numerous options for plant rentals and containers that can help set any mood for any occasion. To learn more about Heroman Services Plant Company, or to obtain their services, give them a call at (251) 607-6787, or visit their website at


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