Indianapolis Pest Control Hires New Staff

Indianapolis Pest Control has been providing the most reliable pest control to Madison County for over twenty two years now. They have provided reliable treatments to thousands of homeowners and business owners over the years with various residential and commercial pest infestations. Their services are rated with high stars and are known as the best pest control services in the area.

The company just released that they have noticed a higher number of pest infestations in Indianapolis than usual. An employee of the company provided more information on the situation, “We have been studying the area for new pest infestations for a number of years now but this year is something different. We have noticed more pest infestations this year than we have ever recorded before. We believe the main reason for this is because pests are adapting and becoming immune to everyday treatments. These treatments include DIY methods as well as over the counter products. These types of treatments just don’t work like they used to, which means professional treatments are becoming the only reliable option for treating a pest infestation.

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The pest industry as a whole has been very busy with all of the new pest infestations. A representative of Indianapolis Pest Control explained in an interview, “The team has been busy trying to handle all of the new pest treatment calls so we decided to hire new employees to the team. Please welcome Jeremy Lindin and Brenda Mann to the team. Jeremy has been in the pest control industry for over ten years and knows alot about treating every species of pest local to the area. He is a very hard worker. Brenda has five years of experience in the pest control industry. She has an amazing work ethic and a great can-do attitude. I know for a fact they are going to do great on the team and are going to try their best to help as many people as possible.

The company has three major pest control services: custom treatments, routine checkups, and emergency solutions. Their most popular services are their custom treatments. Each treatment is specifically designed for the pest it is meant to treat. The company says this allows them to perform pest treatments in the best way possible.

Their routine checkups are another popular service because they ensure that pest infestations never happen in the future. Their exterminators will search the target property and perform all of the proper precautions to make sure the pests can't get into the property. Finally, their emergency response services are helpful for people faced with dangerous situations. This usually includes meeting a wild or distressed animal or meeting a hive of bees or wasps.

If Indianapolis locals have a pest problem, they should give Indianapolis Pest Control a try today. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at They would be happy to help and offer free consultations. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on every day except Sunday. They are closed on Sunday.


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