Indiana Preferred Home Buyers Earns High Praise From Community

Schererville, IN-based Indiana Preferred Home Buyers is pleased to share a new 5-Star review they received from a delighted client. The company, which specializes in swiftly purchasing unwanted homes at fair prices, is keen to work with other sellers who wish to have a similarly hassle-free experience. Read further at the following link:

In their 5-Star review, Karen Erwin illustrates how vital it is for sellers to receive adequate, professional and friendly service. While the only information a potential buyer may be aware of at first glance is that the house is for sale, they may not necessarily know why this is the case (or even be interested). Given that many homeowners choose, or are forced, to sell their properties in times of distress, any additional challenges can turn an already difficult situation into a stressful nightmare. Fortunately for Erwin, the team at Indiana Preferred Home Buyers was on hand to provide their timely and welcome assistance.

Indiana Preferred Home Buyers Buys Houses Fast in Indiana

Their review explains that they, “Called Indiana Preferred Home Buyers when my Mom passed. Mr. Perez was so easy to work with and very fair on his offer for her home. I never sold a home before, and it was super easy and professional from beginning to end. Always answered all my questions quickly and clearly. Would definitely use his service again and suggest it to others.”

Indiana Preferred Home Buyers primarily works with sellers in Northwestern Indiana, and there are many reasons why their customers find the company so easy to work with. For one, the company is ready and willing to purchase houses no matter what condition they are in, bypassing the need for homeowners to spend money on expensive repairs and renovations. This also means they do not have to clean up the house to an unreasonable extent simply to improve their curb appeal, Indiana Preferred Home Buyers considers houses based on their potential, not their current condition. Given that the company may eventually handle any cleanup or repairs themselves, they do not require any investment from the customer.

Additionally, sellers will not have to tolerate open house events and so on in pursuit of a buyer, which is especially beneficial if they, their family or even their tenants are currently in residence. Instead, they may leave out the ‘middleman’ altogether by approaching Indiana Preferred Home Buyers directly, negating the need for real estate agents as well as any associated fees or commissions. There are also no closing costs.

According to Al Perez of Indiana Preferred Home Buyers, the process is as easy as visiting the company’s official website and filling in the contact form with all relevant details. The team, which is intimately familiar with local communities and the housing market, will be able to estimate the value of the house in question (using a variety of factors that include its age, location and so on) and come up with a fair cash offer that the homeowner can consider at their leisure. This offer also carries no additional obligations, so they may turn it down if they wish.

However, many of the company’s customers approach them in times of great need, be it due to financial emergencies or simply the desire to get rid of a property they no longer wish to be responsible for (particularly it owning it drains other resources). In such cases, the greatest advantage the company offers becomes apparent: Indiana Preferred Home Buyers can close a sale extremely quickly — in a matter of weeks or even days, rather than months or years. Given that certain houses can languish on the open market for extended periods, costing their owners money in upkeep and more, working with a direct buyer such as Indiana Preferred Home Buyers gives sellers the opportunity to have this transaction put firmly behind them as fast as possible.

Al Perez of Indiana Preferred Home Buyers can be reached for further details, and additional information can be found on their website as well. Homeowners are welcome to contact the team for more guidance regarding their options and what the company’s full process entails. Indiana Preferred Home Buyers looks forward to working with more customers in the Indiana community.


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