Increasing Popularity of Bubble Mailers

Newark, NJ -based Mailers HQ has seen their bubble mailers increased in popularity during this surge of ecommerce activity, especially in custom bubble mailers. These personalized mailers can help businesses stand out from the rest of the crowd.

As noted on their website, Mailers HQ is an eCommerce company founded to fulfill the demand for easy and cost effective custom package solutions. They seek to provide other eCommerce businesses of different sizes with tools and products that can help them forge their own identity. They believe that companies will have endless possibilities when they are allowed to print their branding on any of their packaging material. Mailer HQ has been producing packaging products in their factory since 2013 with the help of more than a hundred skilled employees. In fact, they have become a leading producer of custom bubble mailers and personalized poly mailers for businesses not only in the United States but also in China. They have also grown to provide a wide variety of shipping supplies such as Kraft bubble mailers, flat poly mailers, poly bubble mailers, heavy duty packaging tape, clear poly bags, tape guns and much more.

"Ecommerce has revolutionized the logistics industry. Every large and small operator, from the shipping companies to local couriers, has benefited from the ecommerce phenomenon. However, the exponential expansion in logistics has brought forth new challenges and not all of them are confined to shipping or transportation. With a myriad of goods being shipped throughout the country and all over the world, there is need for relevant packaging materials. This is where bubble mailers have become significant."

Furthermore, their clients are requesting for not only a cheaper shipping solution but one that is more secure. Mailers HQ offers mailers in poly or Kraft materials.

"Companies need packaging materials that will not wear or tear easily. The same materials must also have substantially high tensile strength so the goods being shipped are not damaged in transit. A wrong choice of packaging material can cost a fortune as the company may have innumerable damaged goods returned and the payments refunded. Bubble mailers don’t just help ensure the goods are safely packaged and shipped. They actually help to reduce damage claims and have a direct impact on the gross profits of a company. If you are in the market, consider upping your game and customize bubble mailers with your logo."

Clients who are interested in Mailers HQ and their full range of products can learn more by heading over to the company’s website. They may also contact the company’s representatives directly.


For more information about Mailers HQ, contact the company here:

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