In New Video, Mark Webster and Gael Breton Reveal How They Used an Active Campaign WordPress Plugin to Grow Their Course

Memberium has just released a video featuring an interview with Mark Webster and Gael Breton where they provide an inside look at how they grew their course 'Authority Hacker' into a multi seven-figure a year business. In the interview, they reveal that one of the key ingredients for their success is the way they leveraged marketing automation in their online course by using ActiveCampaign as their CRM system.

Another core ingredient is Memberium for ActiveCampaign that allowed them to automate their online course. Memberium is an ActiveCampaign WordPress plugin that enables them to connect their CRM system and WordPress together, so that their online course can virtually run itself without them having to do anything after someone joins.

Through ActiveCampaign, Mark and Gael can efficiently automate their marketing and automate many of the other different pieces inside their business that consists of their two online courses under the Authority Hacker brand.

The first version of this online course was known as 'The Authority Site System'. This was partly based on the systems and standard operating procedures they developed while working at their 30+ person marketing agency that they sold in 2015. Early on, the first version of their course was a $29 product made up of five videos. As of today, that course and their higher level program generates a multi seven-figure annual income. It's also helped them train more than 7,000 students on how to develop their own affiliate authority sites and has grown into an extensive library of valuable content.

In the interview, Mark and Gael explain how they run their online course using ActiveCampaign as their CRM, Memberium for ActiveCampaign, Elementor, LearnDash, and Astra as their theme. They use Elementor to design their site using its flexible drag and drop builder. And they use LearnDash to control the learning management features of their site.

Mark and Gael discuss a number of the other valuable lessons they learned while growing their business to where it is today. They share some of the unique ways in which they leverage ActiveCampaign to automate the many different marketing components involved in running their online course.

One of the most valuable pieces of their marketing efforts is an evergreen webinar that offers valuable information to prospects interested in their niche. When someone opts in, they get access to the webinar, then a sequence of offers including a limited time discount on their lower level course. Which, if not taken, is followed up by an offer for a payment plan with a discount. All of the emails involved in this get sent out automatically through ActiveCampaign after someone opts in. Being able to efficiently leverage automation is another key ingredient to their business' success.

People who don’t buy into their course then continue to receive longer term updates from being on their email list. Gradually, many of them develop more trust in Mark and Gael and end up converting later down the line.

It should be noted that Memberium, the ActiveCampaign WordPress plugin they use, plays an important role in allowing them to easily use all of the automated features of their CRM system to control and manage access to the content on their WordPress site. In short, it allows anyone to convert any regular WordPress site into a full featured membership site that's connected with ActiveCampaign.

There are a number of important things that can be done with an ActiveCampaign WordPress plugin like this. These include the ability to: create and sell an unlimited number of online courses or membership programs. Benefit from the efficiency, speed, scalability, and performance of the system. And leverage a system built exclusively for ActiveCampaign and WordPress that can create self-automated membership sites.

Those who would like to view the video of the interview with Mark and Gael can check it out at: Those who would like to learn more about the ActiveCampaign WordPress plugin can visit the Memberium website.


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