In Home Caregivers Provides Home Modifications for Elderly Seniors In Arlington Heights and Buffalo Grove Illinois

In Home Caregivers, a company based in Buffalo Grove, IL, is pleased to announce that they are offering home retrofit and modifications for seniors. The goal is to improve the quality of life and independence of seniors, their family, and their friends. This service is specifically for the increasing number of seniors who want to age in place. It is the goal of In Home Caregivers to enhance the quality of life and independence of seniors so they can continue to live safe at home.

In Home Caregivers has a skilled team of installation and retrofitting experts to ensure that seniors in the home are as safe as possible and reduce the risk of falls. Examples of these retrofits are pull-down shelving in closets and kitchen cabinets for easy accessibility, a grab bar addition to a shower for steadying, accessible walk-in tubs, and many more. These changes not only ensure comfort and safety for seniors, but also increase quality of living and enjoyment due to the feeling of security at home for the long haul.

bathroom retrofit for elderly seniors

Jeff Handelman from In Home Caregivers says, “We have a skilled team of installation and retrofitting experts to make sure your senior loved ones in the home as safe as possible and reduce the risk of falls. Some of the things that we can install in the home to enhance the safety of seniors include: safety rails and bars; accessible kitchen cabinet shelves; wheelchair accessibility; stand-up safety poles; toilet bars; chair lifts; exterior and interior ramps; and visual and hearing impaired improvements.”

Safety bars and handrails are important for seniors living in the home and in reducing their risk of falls and accidents. These safety bars and hand rails are usually attached to a floor, wall, or stable structure in the home. With these bars, seniors would be able support and stabilize themselves with the help of their hands and arms while walking or going up and down the stairs, ramps, or walking along corridors.

Accessible kitchen shelves are also important, especially for seniors who are using wheelchairs. This will allow seniors to do some work in the kitchen like they used to do conveniently because they can get access to the kitchen shelves without the need to call for assistance from other people in the home.

Another important installation are chair lifts in the home. Chairlifts or stairlifts make it easy for seniors to go up or down the stairs. These are especially important for seniors with mobility issues and thus often find that it is difficult to go up or down the stairs if at all possible. The chairlift or stairlift has a track mounted on the wall of the stairway and there is a motorized chair attached to the track. The chair is a secure seat that will comfortably take seniors with mobility issues up or down the flight of stairs. The motorized gear (power-operated) will move the chair at an appropriate speed while the passenger is securely fastened. The chairlift also has a a ‘call and send’ button in the event that someone else needs to use it. The stairlift offers freedom and access to those that otherwise would not venture upstairs or do so at their own risk.

In Home Caregivers also provides other kinds of home services for seniors ( who have decided to age in place. Jeff Handelman says, “Our home services specialists take over where your caregiver leaves off. We understand the need for professional assistance when it comes to such things as dog walking, lawn care or snow removal, finances and paying bills, meal preparation, house cleaning, grocery shopping, and more. We offer these essential needs from experts, when the family is not able to provide.”

There are a number of home services that they usually provide for seniors. These include: housekeeping; bill paying; lawn care; snow removal; grocery shopping; menu preparation; dog walking; estate packing; and more. These are activities that senior find more difficult to perform compared to when they were younger.

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