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With what is happening in the world, the integration back from COVID, the war in Ukraine, and the controversy of Roe vs Wade, there is much to cause stress. The leaders of The Keep Smiling Movement, a mental and dental health organization want to make an impact to reduce the negative effects of stress.

Therefore, they offer the readers to receive a free e-photobook copy of Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, the Executive Director's, new birthday photobook at The book celebrates 365 women of distinction holding Keep Smiling cards on the day of their birthday.

In viewing the photos of women smiling and reading the positive quotes, the reader will likely smile, releasing dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins. These neurotransmitters have a positive effect on the health of the smiler. The National Institute of Health, in 2018, noted that people who were smiled at with a smile of affirmation had a decrease in stress levels. Through their observations, this same result comes from seeing photographs of smiles.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller Keep Smiling Birthdays Happen Book

With a need to increase smiles in her life, Dr. Adams-Miller shares her personal journey of stress. The challenges have been troublesome to the extent she realized she was losing her smile, literally and figuratively. Therefore, she is frank and open sharing her struggles and the ability to be resilient when challenged.

Figuratively the following situations have affected her smile. On her birthday was the first anniversary of a best friend's death, and her parents solidified their tumultuous divorce of 53 years. If that wasn't enough stress, in the months preceding, her grandmother died, her things were dispersed, and the family home her grandfather designed and built 70 years ago is up for sale.

Add to that, the receipt of an eminent domain notice for her office of 27 years, the death of her daughter's horse of nineteen years, and the diminishing of a meaningful business partnership after the partner directed his focus to a new venture. This stress has affected her mental health and ability to smile.

However, there is another challenge, a literal element to 'losing a smile.' Dr. Adams-Miller has been dealing with an infection affecting the integrity of her facial bones. This last year it has become worse. She believes the mental stresses and strains from so much loss have affected her physical health and ability to fight infection.

This medical situation may cause her physical smile to be lost unless she has reconstructive surgery. Although this is quite frightening, especially when you lead an organization dedicated to smiles, she has remained resilient. Her ability to 'Keep Smiling' is her go-to toolset to stay positive. Additionally, she accredits The Keep Smiling Movement as the reason she hasn't further spiraled into a dark state of depression putting her health at further risk.

That 'Keep Smiling' toolbox has been the foundation of her resilience. This epiphany caused her to realize she could be sharing this toolbox with people worldwide so that they could find a reason to smile no matter what. The results Dr. Adams-Miller experienced combining the mission with her education, knowledge, and wisdom gained from personal experience supported the very mission the trio set out to create so many years ago.

The Keep Smiling Movement, a mental and dental health organization.

She created the nonprofit based on the vision of Barry Shore and Dr. Ken Rochon, aka Dr. Smiley. The trio then moved to expand the mission over the last seven years. She and Dr. Smiley had been focused on creating smiles and capturing them. Having published over 250 'Keep Smiling' photo books, a 'DOSE of HOPE' story series, and a 'HOPE is DOPE story series, there is a new phase to the movement - the mental health focus.

They have been on the right track for mental health; the two storybook series share messages of resilience. These stories include the answers to the following questions: 1) Who is the person writing these answers, from birth to now? 2) What happened along the way that caused the author to lose their smile? 3) How did the author restore the ability to smile? 4) How are smiles created for others?

In reading these stories of resilience, the response has been positive. The readers feel motivated and inspired and believe there is hope for themselves. While the books serve their purpose, Dr. Adams-Miller felt there was a missing. She wanted more for the movement.

She discovered the missing of how to be resilient no matter the challenge. Therefore, the Executive Director spent much of the last seven years focused on training. She desired to learn more about releasing limiting beliefs, setting people up for success through releasing stress and creating a mindset of positivity.

Therefore, she has been writing out The Keep Smiling Movement's curriculum to be presented to communities, corporations, schools, churches, etc. The Keep Smiling Tool Box program is now ready to launch to help people worldwide be resilient and restore their smiles no matter what.

To learn more about the program, invest in the program, sponsor the delivery of the program, volunteer to help the organization deliver the program, and reach out to the organization at the information below.

To receive a free e-book copy of her birthday photobook visit and scroll down to the red birthday book images at the bottom of the website.

To find out how to bring the movement into a city, school, corporation, community, or organization, contact Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, the Executive Director, at, 419-722-6931.


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