Importance of School Covid Cleaning in Sydney Shouldn’t Be Ignored - Clean Group

Suji Siv, owner and CEO of Clean Group - one of the leading cleaning companies in Sydney - talks about the importance of school COVID cleaning and why schools need to maintain cleaning for the safety of their students amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As schools in Australia are looking to reopen post the COVID lockdown, it is now more crucial than ever for them to focus on stringent school COVID cleaning practices. We at Clean Group have been providing COVID cleaning services to schools and educational institutions in Sydney for over a year now and have the right training and resources for it. Our COVID cleaning services for schools have two categories - precautionary cleaning and full decontamination,” says Suji Siv.

School Covid-19 cleaning Sydney

Governments understand the importance of education and want students to return to schools as soon as possible. However, for that to happen, schools must start following strict hygiene and cleaning practices. To start with, all educational premises and facilities must be routinely cleaned and disinfected.

Students and young people are more vulnerable to COVID infection, as found in studies, and must therefore practice more precaution. In a school facility, it is generally difficult to maintain proper social distancing and students will play, eat and study together, which further increases the probability of the infection spread. Schools must therefore ensure to keep their premises clean and well-maintained.

There are two parts to Clean Group’s school COVID cleaning service. Precautionary cleaning to reduce the potential risk of COVID infection in schools where no case has been reported yet. And full COVID decontamination cleaning for schools and facilities where a COVID confirmed/suspected COVID case has been found already. “We have expert, trained COVID cleaners to provide both types of COVID services to Sydney schools. We use a TGA-approved disinfectant that is both effective against the coronavirus and safe for students/humans,” he added.

The precautionary school COVID cleaning service of Clean Group covers the basic in-depth cleaning of schools followed by complete disinfection, with a focus on high-traffic areas and touchpoints. They use the Electrostatic Disinfection method along with a TGA approved sanitiser, which is found effective to eliminate up to 99.99% of germs from surfaces. This method of commercial disinfection is found to be even more effective than disinfection fogging, which is NOT an SWA-recommend disinfection technique for schools.

“Besides routine disinfection and cleaning, we also provide helpful advice and assistance to schools about various health practices they can follow to limit the spread of the infection and reduce COVID-19 transmission risks on their premises.” Some of the precautions schools can advise their students and parents to follow include maintaining proper physical distancing, practising good hygiene such as washing hands regularly, using a mask, not touching one’s eyes, nose & mouth, not sharing food, and avoiding crowded places. Besides this, schools must keep a close eye on students’ health and immediately report a suspected case.


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