Imperial Crane Services Provides Telehandler Sales In Chicago

Imperial Crane Services, based in Chicago, IL, is pleased to announce that they provide telehandler sales in Chicago and the surrounding areas. This service is available for all those who require equipment and replacement parts as well as supplementary and emergency services.

Imperial Crane is pleased to highlight their new fleet of Merlo telehandlers, each of which is a revolutionary four-in-one rotating forklift that has received an overwhelmingly positive response from customers. Imperial is now an official dealer for Merlo Telehandlers in Michigan, Illinois, and Indiana. One must note that though Imperial Crane has utilized many different brands of telehandlers in its 47 years of business, Merlo’s product rises above the competition for many reasons. The Merlo telehandler is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment — which is Best in Class, compared to the competition. Merlo’s telehandler is also among the first rotating forklifts to feature a side-mount on the engine rather than under the boom. This feature allows the operator to achieve 360-degree visibility by dropping the boom into a low-profile position, thereby removing the critical and obvious safety hazard of blind spots. Alongside sales, Imperial Crane also handles crane rentals in Chicago and the surrounding communities.

The Merlo telehandler is capable of catering to most construction needs, like excavation, truck loading, lifting, and handling loads of tools, supplies and materials or lifting operators to the work area. It resembles the forklift in appearance and function, but is more like a crane, aerial lift, loader and man lift, with the increased versatility of a single telescopic boom that can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle. With the use of a telehandler, one may reduce the job site operating time and cost with its pick and carry capability. If replacement parts are needed, these can be acquired within 48 hours from Imperial Crane, which reduces lost time on the project.

The Imperial Crane company boasts one of the largest and most diverse crane rental fleets in the United States. The company has a massive fleet of cranes and specialized equipment, including rough terrain cranes, mobile cranes, crawlers, towers, and hoists. This ensures that Imperial Crane will have the equipment necessary for any client requirements. The company is constantly adding to and replenishing their fleet with the newest and most powerful cranes in their class, including specialized crawlers for wind turbine erection and maintenance, rough terrain cranes for refinery work, all terrain cranes, towers and hoists for industrial and commercial construction and specialized heavy lift equipment for plant work. The company also has truck and carry deck cranes in addition to their fleet of telehandlers.

The heavy equipment company further offers crane rentals and emergency crane services in Chicago. Construction crane sales are often very costly, so it is financially more practical to rent the equipment needed instead of looking to purchase them outright. The company also reminds clients that, to rent cranes and hauling equipment, they need to know what exactly they need onsite so that they can choose the equipment that is most suitable for their project’s requirement.

Important factors include crane features, crane capabilities, operations and sizes. One must select equipment that is functional and capable of handling the necessary tasks and load while not causing any damage to the surrounding structures. One must also possess a complete project plan before hiring a crane company in order to have the highest possible success. Construction professionals can also provide expert advice while skilled riggers can supervise job requirements and properly advise on which cranes and hauling equipment to utilize for the project. Asking for the assistance of experienced riggers also serves as a security measure as they have the knowledge and skills to operate cranes correctly and safety.

Imperial Crane Services has received great reviews for their services, serving as proof of their expertise and customer satisfaction. Jeff Barnhart states in their 5-Star Google review that Imperial Crane Services is, “An all-in-one stop shop for crane and rigging service, so why go anywhere else. Great sales team, and their certified operators are kind and gentle.”

Those interested in the services provided by the Chicago crane company may check out Imperial Crane Services’s website for more details. Their team can also be contacted via phone or email.


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