Imperial Crane Services, Inc Offers Customers Options to Buy A Construction Crane in Chicago or Hire Them to Provide Innovative Crane Solutions

Chicago crane company, Imperial Crane Services, Inc, prides itself on being one of the most versatile crane service providers in their area in Illinois. They do this by being a full-service company that sells new cranes, offers cranes for rent or lease, and provides other innovative crane-for-hire solutions. There is no better example of this than a recent crane task they were asked to do in what proved to be among the most challenging they have ever undertaken.

This all came about when Imperial Crane was hired to replace generators at two windmill farms; this was anything but a typical situation for the company. The path to the windmill was a tight road making it difficult for their cranes and trucks to maneuver around. The only way for equipment to move was to back up on an incomplete stone-based road. This created a challenge as this road was built in wetlands. Once it rains, the conditions become muddy making it even harder for the company’s cranes to move.

Imperial Crane’s strategic plan was to create a matting layout using 30 wooden mats – 7 inches by 8 feet wide by 16 feet long. This served as a gutter bumper and allowed them to also utilize fewer mats in the process. It was known that when other repair work was done in the past at these two job sites, vehicles repeatedly got stuck which caused the jobs to last much longer than was planned. Imperial’s vast experience in the industry allowed them to create a plan that would alleviate this problem and result in less risk and less time spent at each job site.

Once the plan was put into action, Imperial’s GMK 7550 crane and assist crane were able to successfully hoist each of the two new generators weighing 21,000 lbs., 283’ up at a radius of 80 feet over the course of just a single weekend. The results of projects like this one are why so many people and companies come to them when they need any type of crane project done in Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas.

The company spokesperson, Gina Kaktis, says, “Whether you are looking to hire, rent, or buy a construction crane in Chicago, we are definitely the right company to talk with. We even offer a whole host of other crane solutions too such as the one mentioned in the scenario above. Our experienced staff will work closely with you to come up with a crane solution that nicely meets both your needs and your budget. We have been successfully providing crane solutions for our Chicago area customer base since 1969.”

For those companies or individuals that are looking to buy a Telehandler in Indiana, Kaktis says they offer several options here too. She says that for anyone who is not familiar with this type of heavy-duty lift equipment, they look like a huge forklift that has a boom that can extend out like a crane and also have oversized wheels that allow them to go across even the roughest ground. Kaktis stated whether a customer decides to buy or rent a telehandler should be based on such factors as the amount of use it will get, whether the unit needs to be transported, and the duration of the period of use.

The company spokesperson says that those who would like to know more about their many versatile crane service options are welcome to call them, send them an inquiry by email, or click on the ‘Request a Quote’ menu item that’s found at the top of their website’s homepage.


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