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IMHO Reviews Podcast with Vitaliy Lano has recently uploaded a new episode asking “Is it worth getting Skillshare?” after four years of learning. Skillshare is an online education platform that allows anyone to create courses in their area of expertise, and anyone else can get unlimited access to all of the classes available on the platform for a low monthly fee. Because anyone can be a teacher on Skillshare, the courses cover nearly every subject imaginable, from web design and code, to languages, creative writing, and even painting watercolor in the woods. Many people have turned to Skillshare for a chance to learn new skills and polish old ones so they can improve their careers and even their entire lives. Sometimes, Skillshare invites celebrities or well known experts to teach classes, which can add to the value of a subscription. Some people may have heard some of the hype around Skillshare and be wondering if it’s worth the cost. IMHO Reviews has an answer.

Is it worth getting a skillshare

There are, of course, some negatives to Skillshare. For one, it’s not the kind of education that hands out a certificate of learning at the end, so people looking for a piece of paper to prove they took the classes aren’t going to find what they want here. Instead, the platform is designed for people who are interested in learning for its own sake, or who want the benefits they can gain from picking up a new skill. Because nearly anyone can post classes to skillshare, as long as they have internet access and a way of making videos, not all of the nearly 30 thousand courses available on Skillshare are the most up to date, highest quality information. Thankfully, Skillshare has a review system, where people can review the classes they’ve taken. IMHO Reviews also points out that Skillshare is a monthly subscription model, with automatic payments every month, and if customers stop using the platform but forget to cancel their subscription, that can be a very costly mistake. This often happens because someone is excited about Skillshare and everything they can learn, but unable to form a sustainable habit of it so they can keep learning for 4 years or even longer. Someone might join Skillshare, get excited about several of the classes, get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of available content they’re interested in, and then never manage to start. Like any learning, it’s best to take Skillshare a little bit at a time, so the mind has time to fully integrate new information before throwing too much more new information at it.

For many, these cons to Skillshare will not outweigh the pros. The most obvious pro is the low price of $14 each month for unlimited access to nearly 30 thousand courses available on the platform. The courses are grouped into four categories: Creative, Business, Lifestyle, and Technology, which gives a sense of the range of content available for learning. There are classes available for any skill level as well, from beginners to advanced practitioners in all kinds of subjects. Many courses include a hands-on project, allowing students to further engage with the material, which can help improve the effectiveness of learning. Students can also learn entirely at their own pace on Skillshare, as all classes and projects are pre-recorded. Courses are divided up into classes, which in turn are divided into short sections, making it easy for people who may only have a few minutes a day to spare for learning to break up the content into managable chunks. Skillshare also offers a free trial of their membership, which allows anyone to try out the platform before their subscription payments start - so they can cancel if they don’t think it’ll be right for them.

IMHO Reviews has more reviews on their Skillshare Playlist, for readers who are still curious to know more information about the platform. They recommend it for anyone who wants to commit five to ten minutes each day to learning and improving themselves.


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