IMHO Reviews: How To Change One’s Life By Practicing Gratitude

Aventura, Florida based IMHO Reviews is reaching out to the wider community to share how a person may change their life by practicing gratitude. IMHO Reviews stands apart from their peers in that their writers personally use each service, giving readers a greater degree of insight into each provider’s capabilities.

Vitaliy Lano, a representative for IMHO Reviews, says, “Given all the terrible events and the continuous stream of shocking news we’ve seen over the past year, it’s not surprising that a lot of us are caught in spirals of negative thinking. Considering the overwhelming amount of negativity and the ease with which it reaches us, it’s important to know how and when to take a step back and re-evaluate our present reality. One of the best ways to do that, I’ve found, is to use the technique of gratitude, which is truly a life changing exercise.”

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The gratitude technique is where one takes a moment to consider all the things one has to be grateful about and then express this in some way. This expression can be done either verbally or by writing it down. According to IMHO Reviews, gratitude is a great counter for negativity bias — which is a human being’s tendency to register negative information, dwell on it and remember it for longer periods than positive information.

In the blog post, IMHO Reviews shares a number of benefits of practicing gratitude. One such benefit reads, “Gratitude can lead to long-term, positive change. A study by two US psychologists asked one group of people to write down a few things they were grateful for each week, another group of people to write down a few things that irritated or displeased them each week and the third group of people wrote about things that affected them regardless if they were good or bad. After 10 weeks of doing this practice, people who wrote about things they were grateful for felt more optimistic about their lives, were physically exercising more and had fewer visits to doctors than the group that wrote about what bothered them.”

The blog post also shares that, “You’ll be more present. We’re often told you have to ‘live in the moment.’ But what does that even mean? Paying attention to our surroundings is one thing, but gratitude teaches us to notice and process all of the good thoughts and feelings happening in the present moment. So, instead of living life waiting for something bad to happen to you, you’ll be actively processing more details as you go through your day-to-day life, looking for the good in a situation. You’ll realize that, as you take time to notice good moments, you’ll experience more overall feelings of joy and happiness than before.”

Further benefits, such as performing better at work, being more self-confident and spreading positivity are all also discussed at length in the blog post. The full blog post, along with other posts, such as one that explains how to use meditation and spirituality at work, can all be found on the IMHO Reviews website.

The blog post also shares how any individual may start practicing gratitude. According to IMHO Review, this is a simple, three-step process. First, a person has to get a blank notebook or journal they can write in. Then, they have to ensure that they always keep the notebook open and in a place where they can see it at least once a day. Finally, they must make it a daily habit to write down 10 things they are grateful for everyday. No matter how small or insignificant it might seem, everything will add up, leading to more joy and positivity in their life.

Lano says, “While verbally expressing gratitude is great and is actually helpful, I’ve personally found that it is more impactful when you write things down. This method has personally worked better for me and always helps me appreciate the great things in my life that I don’t often think about. If you are thinking of trying gratitude, I highly recommend trying the written method and looking at Robin Sharma’s Masterclass on gratitude through Mindvalley.”

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