IMHO Reviews Adds 3 Apps to the Best Learning Language Apps List

IMHO Reviews is a company that tries to give those that visit its site some good information on a wide variety of products and services. Such was the case recently when they came up with a list of the Best Learning Language Apps. Now they have taken that one step further and added three more apps to this list that have proven worthy to be on it. Now those that are looking at this site to help them make a language learning app choice, will have three more options to choose from that will help them accomplish that.

This online review service’s representative, Vitaliy Lano, says, “We pride ourselves in giving our site users the most accurate and up to date information on the products and services that we review. That’s why even though our list of the Best Learning Apps has only been posted online for a few months, we are already adding new language learning apps to that list. That’s an example of how our users can rest assured that we make every effort to stay current as far as the product and service categories that we have chosen to review.”

3 best language learning apps imho reviews

Lano stated that one of these new apps is called Mondly. It’s an online language learning platform that is fast becoming very popular because of the way that it blends artificial intelligence with virtual reality. He stated that this makes it a learning experience that is very engaging for those that use this app to learn one of the 41 languages that it covers. That’s why it was so easy for IMHO Reviews to add this app to the already established list. The service’s representative discussed some of the other nice features of this language learning app. For starters, it’s an app that has both a free and paid mode so those on a tight budget can learn a language without even having to shell out any money. He did mention that obviously, those that use the free version will not gain all of the benefits that the app has to offer. Mondly has even introduced a hands-free feature for the app which makes it even more convenient to use. Lano says that Mondly app users can expect this Romania-based company to continue adding features that help people learn a language through the use of cutting-edge technology.

Another app that has been added to IMHO Reviews list of the Best Online Language Learning Apps is Memrise. Some 50 million app users can testify to this app's ability to help them learn one of 22 different languages. The service’s representative stated that one of the reasons for its popularity is that it teaches a language through real-life immersion. There is even the possibility of having a dialogue with a native language speaker. Lano says that another unique feature of this language learning app is the diversified way that it teaches users a language. That’s because some of the learning activities on the app were created by language learning experts and others were designed by members of a particular language’s community. He says this creates a very unique experience for language learners that is very different from what most language apps offer. The only drawbacks with this language learning app are that not all of the features are the same across every language and some learning features can only be accessed through the website.

Rounding out the app newcomers to the list of Best Online Language Learning Apps is Busuu. Lano pointed out that it will help its users learn up to 12 different languages. It’s also different because this app uses themed situations to help a user learn a language. These languages are also taught in one of six different proficiency stages to help someone gradually progress in their language learning. It will also connect language learners to native language speakers for help but this is only an option that’s available in the premium version.

There are now nine language learning apps on IMHO Reviews list of the best ones and all of these reviews can be seen on their website.


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