Imagine’s Telehealth Program Reaches Adolescents Needing Behavioral, Mental Health Therapy

Nampa, Idaho - Imagine by Northpoint has implemented telehealth for its Imagine by Northpoint Nampa program, which provides behavioral and mental health services for adolescents ages 12-17. Telehealth provides a way to facilitate both assessments and treatment without the need to physically travel to its facilities.

Safety precautions with regards to social distancing were instrumental in driving the addition of remote video conferencing abilities for people seeking help with a variety of mental health issues.

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An initial assessment is held in a virtual meeting with an Ashwood Recovery clinician to determine the appropriate level of care, and depending on the severity of an individual’s case, full treatments could be completed safely at home.

Outpatient programs include; Cognitive behavioral therapy, One-on-one counseling, Psychiatric care, and Mindfulness and meditation.

Adolescents in the Imagine program benefit from treatment delivered by an interdisciplinary team of NCQA credentialed providers who use evidence-based treatment methods and criteria. One of the first steps includes a complete psychosocial assessment and mental health evaluation with a family member or guardian present.

In addition to telehealth services, Imagine by Northpoint Nampa also added safety measures to its on-site care, including sanitizing, symptom screenings, and social distancing.

Imagine by Northpoint delivers quality and consistent care for teens. It uses a treatment model based on a scientific and medically proven approach, in a safe, non-judgmental, and treatment-focused environment.


For more information about Imagine by Northpoint Nampa, contact the company here:

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