Ignite Studios Offers Full Corporate Recording Studio Capabilities Near Downtown Salt Lake City

SALT LAKE CITY, November 1, 2021—Salt Lake City recording studio Ignite Studios announced that their facility offers a full set of audiovisual amenities for Utah companies or individuals looking to create and produce digital media.

“We’re in this nondescript brick building in an industrial area,” explains owner Krista Kacey, “so our clients are always blown away when they come inside and see the extent of our facility.”

Ignite Studios Offers Full Corporate Recording Studio Capabilities Near Downtown Salt Lake City

For example, a 1900-square-foot sound stage offers complete soundproofing, allowing productions to be in session while cast and crew can be offstage in a green room without disrupting a shoot. The sound stage has a full green cyc wall—more than 30 feet long on one side—with a white infinity wall on the opposite side. The white infinity cyc wall allows for color changes via overhead lighting.

“Ignite Studios is an amazing find,” says client Brian Randall in an October 2021 Google Review. “Their green screen and cyc walls are fantastic and their soundproofed sound stage is amazing.”

The soundproofing is so good that “you’re right by multiple busy streets and I-15 but once you’re on the sound stage it is silent,” Randall continues.

Another Ignite Studios client, Izaak Neil, concurs that the soundproofing is top notch. “Most studios we have gone to are not sound proof,” Neil explains in a September 2021 Google review, “and our mics always picked up something from outside. Amazingly, that was not the case here.”

“We’ve invested heavily into soundproofing the roofing, ceiling, and walls,” explains Kacey. “In addition, we have soundproofing curtains that can envelop the entire sound stage.”

In addition to the sound stage, Ignite Studios sports a state-of-the-art audio recording studio with separate audio control room. Like the sound stage, the recording studio and control rooms are completely soundproof. “Our clients use the audio recording studio to record music, podcasts, audiobooks, you name it,” Kacey says.

With the sound stage, audio recording studio, green room, and a hair and makeup space, Ignite offers everything one could hope for from an audiovisual recording studio.

“There is so much potential here,” says Izaak Neil. “There is so much you can do whether it’s podcasts, TV shows, corporate training videos, and music.”

About Ignite Studios

Ignite Studios is a recording studio in Salt Lake City, Utah offering sound stage rental, video production space, videography, postproduction, audio mixing, and studio space rental. Whether clients need to record a YouTube video, a radio ad, some music, or a podcast, they won’t find a finer film and audio production studio along the Wasatch Front. Call (801) 999-8249 to book a spot with Ignite Studios.

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