IES Texas Solar Explains Five Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

IES Texas Solar, a company based in Rowlett, TX, has explained five surprising benefits of commercial solar panel installation in a new blog post. In the article, they point out that having a commercial solar panel installed can help a small business in various ways, including saving up to 75 percent on energy costs. The five benefits are: savings on energy costs, ability to make a company go green; predictable costs; tax credits; and having a reliable energy source.

A spokesperson for IES Texas Solar says, “Solar panel installation will bring nothing but benefits to your company. Lower your costs by going green and give yourself a marketing boost at the same time. You will also protect yourself from future energy price rises. At IES Texas Solar, we’re here to make it a reality. Fill out our contact request form, and we’ll be in touch about options for your business.”

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The most obvious and expected benefit of having a solar panel installation for a business is savings in energy costs. While there are upfront costs and and some maintenance costs, overall, the business will be able to save money in the long run. Once the solar panels have been paid for, energy would be virtually free for the business.

Another important benefit of using solar power for a business is that it will help the business in its efforts of going green. It would be part of the business’ efforts to minimize its negative impact on the environment. Going green has several benefits, such as lower expenses, increased employee morale, and gaining new customers who believe in the need to protect the environment.

The third benefit provided by commercial solar panels San Antonio and Houston businesses can experience is predictable energy costs. Relying on an electric utility for power means energy costs can increase at any time. However, with a solar panel installation, the energy costs are more predictable. And because Texas is a sunny state, the energy from the sun can be depended on.

The fourth benefit comes in the form of tax credits. The federal government currently offers a solar investment tax credit (ITC), which enables businesses to claim a tax credit on federal corporate income taxes for a percentage of the cost of the solar panel installation. This will significantly reduce the investment cost for solar panel installation. However, it is important to act promptly. Although Congress has extended the offer of the ITC, the percentage that can be claimed as tax credit decreases every year. For businesses that need more financial help, there are also other state grants and financing options that they can benefit from.

And finally, the solar panels offer a reliable source of energy for the businesses, particularly those that primarily operate during the daytime. The sunny climate of Texas allows for a reliable solar power source. And with the addition of solar batteries, which will allow the storage of energy that will be used during those times when the sun is not shining, businesses can truly reliable energy.

Meanwhile, solar panel installation customers have expressed their deep satisfaction with the services they received from IES Texas Solar. For instance, Rony V. gave them a five star rating and said, “I want to thank IES Solar and its representative Arnold Andrade for such a good job and their services towards my home. Thanks for all their professional work. I recommend this company to acquire their solar panels and reduce their payment for electricity consumption.”

Founded in 1973 as Houston-Stafford Electric, IES quickly grew into one of the biggest and most reputable electrical contracting companies providing their services throughout the US but most especially in Texas. In the early 2000s, the company began studying the solar business and they have been providing the entire turnkey process since 2012. They offer a broad range of services, such as: data, voice, and video design and installation; security and fire alarm systems monitoring and installation; and solar design and installation services.

When requiring the installation of commercial solar panels Houston residents and in other cities in Texas can visit the IES Texas Solar website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They are actively growing their company and accepting new clients.


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