Hypermedia Systems Launches New Bulk SMS Gateway

Hypermedia Systems has announced that they have recently launched a new and advanced SIM Based In-House bulk SMS gateway Hardware for businesses. This new product offers a way to include SMS APIs into an existing setup. This is appropriate for businesses who often need to send SMS messages to a large number of customers to enhance customer loyalty, sales, and interaction. Meanwhile, Hypermedia Systems stands out as a bulk SMS provider due to a number of factors. These include appropriate SMS solutions, reliable hardware, SMS integration to apps or software, network coverage, and account management and support. More about this can be gleaned from their website at https://hyperms.com/bulk-sms-gateway.

John Smith, a spokesperson for Hypermedia Systems, says, “A bulk SMS Gateway is a great way to incorporate SMS APIs with your existing setup. Businesses often have to send SMS messages to a large customer base to improve customer loyalty, interaction and sales. Therefore, a reliable SMS gateway will contribute to long-term success.”

He continues, “SMS can come in all forms of configuration. It is important to ensure that your bulk SMS gateway incorporates easily with any software and can perform the roles needed for marketing. With functionality from your bulk SMS gateway, you can enhance your marketing strategies every time you use the SMS API to communicate with your clients.”

Having the right service provider is vital when getting a bulk SMS gateway because some providers only have limited solutions for relaying bulk SMS. And with regards to hardware, Hypermedia ensures that their clients are independent of third-party providers and make sure that their server will be sending the SMS messages directly to the network.

The hardware that they provide has external features designed to boost signal reception in the server room. And to ensure quality service, they make sure the hardware will have as little down time as possible. The hardware equipment has been adjusted to ensure that it can work with state-of-the-art software that comply with the standard of modern apps. Furthermore, their gateways have been designed to function in a wide range of temperature and humidity.

And to ensure that the SMS functionality will integrate seamlessly with the apps or software of the client, they provide a range of API solutions, including synchronized and unsynchronized options and they have a thorough understanding of how to integrate SMS into the business applications and systems.

Another important factor is the network coverage. They are capable of providing reliable service for both local and global messaging. Some providers have limited network coverage and some may even restrict the number of messages. Hypermedia Systems also provides easy-access full account management services to allow proper management of bulk SMS campaigns, allowing the client to measure results. This means the client can easily know the number of messages delivered or failed, browse the message log, and get an overall traffic overview.

Hypermedia Systems also offers other kinds of products aside from the bulk SMS gateway. They offer various kinds of GSM gateways, such as GSM VOIP gateway, ISDN GSM gateway, E1/T1 PRI GSM gateway, and SIM server. They also have a number of SMS gateway hardware. These include the Hyper SMS, SMS Gateway Device, SMS Pro Server, SMS Campaigner, and SMS Statistics. They also offer a number of VOIP gateways, such as the VOIP GSM gateway, VOIP BRI gateway, and VOIP PRI gateway. They also have a number of add-on applications, such as the Hyperconnect Callback, Hyperconnect Callthrough, HyperID OTP, SIM Guard, and Hyper SIM.

They also have a number of bulk SMS solutions aside from the bulk SMS gateway. These include the email to SMS gateway, bulk SMS machine, bulk SMS API, SMS termination, SMS communications, SIMBOX GSM, SMS gateway API, SMS gateway server, and SMS verification gateway.

Those who are interested in the new bulk SMS gateway and other products may check out the Hypermedia Systems website at https://hyperms.com/, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.


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