Huntington WV Medical Marijuana Card Certification Provider Offers In-Person and Telemedicine Options

Green Health Docs opened a new location in Huntington, West Virginia several months ago. The clinic has been a great success, providing many people suffering from a wide range of conditions an opportunity to receive a medical marijuana card. Green Health Docs already has a state-wide telemedicine option available along with multiple physical locations in Morgantown, Charleston, and Martinsburg, giving patients a number of options when it comes to getting treatment.

West Virginia’s cannabis patient registry is not set to open until sometime in 2021, but it is possible to pre-register for a West Virginia medical marijuana card online using Green Health Docs’ telemedicine services. The process is very simple and easy and begins with an evaluation through a scheduled video conference, to make sure the patient qualifies for the program. Pre-registering allows one to be at the front of the line once the registry opens, which greatly reduces the wait before one can get the treatment they need. The process is risk-free, with Green Health Docs refunding 100% of the patient’s money if their medical marijuana card application is denied.

“No matter where you live in West Virginia, our Green Health Docs team can pre-register you for a legal marijuana card online,” says the Huntington, WV medical marijuana card certification provider. “Our team offers West Virginia marijuana card online evaluations via telemedicine to pre-register you for the West Virginia cannabis program. Our telehealth evaluations carry no extra cost. All you need to do is schedule using the form above or if you prefer, call or text our support team to set up an appointment and our team will see you on video at your appointment date/time.”

The requirements to get a medical marijuana card here are relatively simple and straightforward. First, one must be a resident of the state of West Virginia. The West Virginia Medicinal Marijuana Program is not currently allowing out of state patients to become certified for medical marijuana. There are no age requirements; however, patients under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. One must be diagnosed with one or more of the conditions on the list of qualifying ailments in order to be eligible to apply for a medical marijuana card. Most commonly, patients qualify with chronic pain or PTSD.

Green Health Docs’ stated mission is to combat the opioid epidemic that has plagued the nation for years and give people back control of their lives using natural medications like medical marijuana. Medical marijuana may be the future of medicine, and experts see it as a potentially less harmful and less addictive treatment for many of the conditions that have been traditionally treated with opioids and other, similar, drugs. Founded by a highly qualified team of pain medicine doctors, anesthesiologists, and surgeons, the medical marijuana card provider set out with the goal of providing a better way to help patients deal with pain and anxiety.

A number of people have visited Green Health Docs or sought medical care through their telemedicine services. One patient, Paula Lopez, says that they found the provider to be, “Very knowledgeable in all aspects of my medicine. Very prompt on appointments, so I didn’t have to sit there long at all. All your staff is beyond professional and very pleasant during all communications with them. It’s a pleasure, believe it or not, because of the demeanor of all staff. Please keep up the excellent work. Couldn’t ask for better treatment along with them making me feel special each time I come in for anything. Thank you, Green Health Docs.”

For more information, visit Green Health Docs’ site. Alternatively, one can visit their Huntington branch at 1000 5th Ave Suite 127, Huntington, WV 25701, to speak with a representative in person.


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