Huntington Learning Center Provides New Online Tutoring For Grades K-12.

Huntington Learning Center of Holland Ohio recently announced that they will be offering online tutoring. While many learning centers are not open, Huntington has decided that they will open online for tutoring, in an effort to assist children who may have tutoring needs but be affected by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Huntington is among the top in the industry for helping students to achieve their academic success. Along the way Huntington strives to improve the confidence of children and to give them the best chance for success as well as the best education possible.

Huntington has been helping to assist children in the learning process for more than forty years. When students begin to believe they can accomplish more, they do. The goal of Huntington is to provide every student with a path forward and to help them to achieve their dreams for school. Those interested can follow them on Facebook here.

Huntington’s mission is to provide students with the best education possible. Whether that's in one of their learning centers or in the home using online tutoring, Huntington is dedicated to serving success to students.

Steve Feldman, of the Holland Ohio, Huntington Learning Center addressed the issue of COVID 19 and learning in his comments, “Many state and standardized test dates have been cancelled or postponed due to COVID 19. This means that while the students are still going to be required to take the test, the learning that they did late in the last school year may need to be refreshed. Students need to continue to prepare for when the time comes to take the test. It's important to stay ahead even when learning environments change."

For more information on the Holland Ohio Huntington Learning Center and their online offerings, anyone interested may contact Huntington at 419-867-4000 or get directions to our Holland Ohio office here.


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