Huntington Beach Tree Experts is Now Offering Tree Protection Services Ahead of Heavy Construction Activities

Huntington, California – A few months after opening its new base of operation in Huntington Beach, Huntington Beach Tree Experts is helping commercial and property owners avoid losing their trees to heavy construction activities. The tree service company is implementing modern tree protection procedures around trees standing close to areas undergoing construction services.

“The city of Huntington Beach is seeing a rise in development projects,” said the company’s CEO, “While heavy machines may make construction activities easier, they do not make things easy for the neighboring trees. When a heavy machine passes near a tree several times, this could mean doom for the tree. To minimize tree deaths that often follow heavy construction activities, we are implementing tree protection plans.”

Huntington Beach Tree Experts

Although Huntington Beach Tree Experts is a new company in the city of Huntington Beach, the company is not new to tree care procedures. In addition to having close to 30 years of tree service experience, the company is made up of a team of experts with years of formal training. The company is equipped with a large number of ultra-modern tree service tools. Experience and modern tools make all types of tree service procedures easy for the company. Huntington Beach Tree Experts handles tree trimming, tree pruning, tree removal, and emergency tree services in all commercial and residential properties.

“Our new tree protection service is not designed to siphon funds from property owners or companies handling development projects,” said the chief of staff, “It is part of our elaborate plan to protect this city’s urban forest. We will be charging a very affordable fee for our tree protection services.”

Huntington Beach Tree Experts is working with both private property owners and the city’s government. “The urban forest in Huntington Beach is owned by both the government and individuals,” said the company CEO, “We are working with both. Since our goal is to protect the entire urban forest, we do not have the option of being choosy when it comes to protecting trees standing in the city.”

In addition to protecting mature trees, Huntington Beach Tree Experts is also focused on planting as many trees as possible. “We are encouraging property owners in the city of Huntington Beach to plant trees,” said the company’s CEO, “Our team of professionals understands the weather conditions and types of soils in this city and neighboring regions. Using our knowledge, we are helping property owners choose trees that will do well on their landscapes.”

Huntington Beach Tree Experts has its offices at 19317 Surfwave Dr, Huntington Beach, CA 92648, United States. However, tree owners interested in saving their trees from damage can always call 949-536-9253.


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