Humans 2 Designs, Inc Offers Elephant Piggy Banks

Vancouver, British Columbia based Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc is pleased to offer one of their most unique products yet: the elephant balloon piggy bank. View more here:

Thinking of what to give to someone on a special day is not an easy task, according to the company. People want to give their loved ones something meaningful and memorable, but this is easier said than done. Most of the time, it is hard to pinpoint exactly what specific item is suitable to give someone special. Most people gift something a bit more modern and useful while others choose an item that is more unique and fun. For those who cannot decide or just want to mix all of those elements in one gift, Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc is pleased to announce that they have created the perfect gift that embodies all of this and more.

The company believes that the elephant balloon piggy bank is a cool practical gift for all ages, but especially so for any avid elephant enthusiast. They state that elephants are supposed to bring a person good luck, so this elephant piggy bank is truly something special. The product’s fun and whimsical charm calls forth memories of childhood birthday parties, innocence and simpler times to one’s mind. This unique piggy bank brings a lot of fun in saving pennies as well.

Designed by Mason Morris, the elephant balloon piggy bank comes in two sizes, the big elephant and the baby elephant, both of which can be seen here: The big one measures at 11” L x 7” W x 7.5” H and the baby elephant measures at 7.7" L x 4.65" W x 5.50" H. Both are made out of high-gloss electroplated ceramic, which the company claims looks amazing anywhere there is enough lighting, allowing reflections to show on the elephants’ smooth, glossy surface. Both elephants also have a rubber stopper at the base, making it easy for people to collect their hard-earned savings. They are also handmade, using toxic-free paint and materials that ensure it is safe for children. In addition to the rainbow variant, they also come in other shiny colors like silver, blue, gold and pink. Each elephant piggy bank comes with a full-color gift box with styrofoam protection.

Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc is a company that is said to have started during the 90s, a time where, based on their statement, neon colors, tracksuits and boldly colored accessories were the norm. With the music and art scene booming, Made By Humans, and eventually, Made By Humans 2, emerged as the go-to shop for fun office accessories and gift items.

They explain that they are a company with a team made up of creative problem solvers, quirky innovators and passionate individuals. They design and create imaginative and playful contemporary accessories and unique gifts, but they are also able to find a balance between aesthetic and functionality. Their products are bold and whimsical but always functional and useful, making for a strong decor statement.

Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc highly values quality and their loyal customers as well. In fact, the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in the positive reviews left by those who have bought their products.

In a 5-star review, Amazon user Artzi says, “Bought this cute bank for a baby boy shower gift that our office could fill with cash so the new parents could buy what they needed. Everyone loved it, especially the mom to be.”

In another glowing review, Amazon user Alejandra Baldizon Aceves says, ”I'm obsessed, it's more beautiful and larger than I expected, which I love. It came super well-packaged. I want to buy every figure from this shop. Thanks very much.”

Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc asserts that the elephant balloon piggy bank is the perfect birthday gift for loved ones or elephant enthusiasts who simply want to treat themselves to a cool home decor accent their friends will love talking about. The company’s passion and desire to explore the limitless possibilities of creativity shine through in their fun and unique products.

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