How Two Guys From Denmark and Germany Teach SEO Online During Corona Lockdown

Closed borders and Corona Lockdown creates a new reality. Two SEO experts from Denmark and Germany decided to join forces and share their knowledge online.

Holbaek, Denmark, and Karlsruhe Germany — The Corona pandemic was a shock for everybody - including for the two guys Brian Petersen (Denmark) and Fabian Pott (Germany).

SEO Geek Lab

They have known each other for a couple of years after meeting during an online Mastermind SEO group and decided to meet back in January 2020. Brian works full time as an SEO Manager in a big Telco company in Denmark. Fabian runs his own SEO agency in Germany, helping local business owners rank in Google.

The meeting was a success, and they decided it could be interesting to share knowledge and perhaps teach SEO to others as well. When the Corona pandemic hit, both Brian and Fabian witnessed a new reality with closed borders and a new reality of working from home.

The increased numbers of people being unemployed, restaurants, and businesses being shut down made a significant impact on the two guys. They decided to see if they could come up with the idea that could help people learn about SEO online.

Fabian and Brian decided to launch SEO Geek Lab, a blog focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The focus would be on articles, tips, and “how-to” articles and make reviews of software and tools they use.

They have also created a YouTube channel, where Fabian and Brian will make tutorial videos and share their SEO knowledge.

“A lot of small businesses rely 100 % on their physical presence to sell their goods. With the lockdown, a lot of those businesses were forced to try to move sales online. We decided that we would share our knowledge online so even newbies could get a basic understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO),” says Fabian Pott, Co-Founder of SEO Geek Lab.

Launching a website in just a couple of weeks, including writing a free Ebook, has been a massive task. Still, both Fabian and Brian have been amazed by how effective they have been able to be, even when everything needed to be done from two different countries.

“It has been an enjoyable experience, we had to use Skype meetings, writing articles, building the website and even write an Ebook about SEO in 2020,” says Brian Petersen, Co-Founder of SEO Geek Lab.

Both Fabian and Brian have been working with SEO for several years, and one thing they were missing when they started as a place to go to and look for knowledge that had been tested.

The SEO playground is often cluttered with a lot of shiny objects, push-button solutions, and “make money quick” schemes.

“Our goal is to share actual knowledge - how we work, what tools we use, and how we use them, and we share tactics which work. Search Engine Optimization is a craft, and a lot of times, it is down to testing and tweaking to get results. We want to help people to cut the learning curve so they can start to see results,” says Brian Petersen Co-Founder of SEO Geek Lab.

Both Brian and Fabian hope that many people would use the opportunity to learn about SEO, and will continue to post new articles weekly on their blog. is a blog about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), where we share “How-to articles,” the latest industry news, and what kind of tools and how to use them.

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