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Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS) is a national payment processor that is dedicated to helping businesses grow in their local communities by offering them a diverse suite of impactful merchant services tools. It’s also a very proactive company when it comes to giving businesses well-rounded advice on the best ways to grow and prosper. A good example of this is a blog article on the company’s website titled ‘7 Ways to Save on Business Start-Up Costs’. As the name suggests, there are some pitfalls when it comes to the spending required for starting up any type of business and this post discusses how to minimize their impact. “Every business has to be aware of the amount of money they will go through when first starting up or else the results could be disastrous”, said a spokesperson for EMS. “That’s why we thought we would take the time to go over some of the steps that any type of business can take to help reduce their startup costs.”

This blog about how businesses can lower startup costs starts by stating the amazing fact that 8 out of every 10 small businesses fail within the first 18 months. Much of this is because new business owners underestimate the startup costs that they will face. This list includes such things as employee benefits and many hidden one-time costs. The article mentioned that a new business owner doesn’t have to be a financial wizard to start a business but they must keep an eye on and track their expenses. They must also have a good idea of business startup costs before their business is even launched. This is important because it will help the new business owner estimate profits, secure loans, do an accurate break-even analysis, attract investors, and may even be able to help them save money with tax deductions. The first way the blog mentioned as a way to lower startup costs was to be aware of different ways to save on energy costs. For example, a business that has office spaces can install energy-saving double-pane windows and light-blocking blinds. Some of these may even have tax credits attached that will further save a business some money. There is also the need for a business to be rent-conscious when choosing an office space. Often this entails getting an office that has less square footage than was planned. Renting a smaller office space also has a ripple effect as far as such expenses as energy and furniture are concerned.


This EMS blog also suggested that businesses look at the advantages of using freelancers and contractors. Finding talented ones out of the pool of millions that are out there in the job world may help a startup cut back on their overall expenses. It also discussed how a high employee turnover rate can significantly harm a business as it tries to grow and a good way to avoid that is to establish an atmosphere and culture that makes employees want to stay a part of it. Another way for a new business to save money on costs is allowing employees to have work-from-home days. This tends to rejuvenate employees so they perform better and helps them save on some expenses too. In this EMS blog, it also says new businesses should be very wary of continuing to pay for services and tools that they never use. The last way that was mentioned for businesses to save money when first starting out was to leverage high-tech software for improved productivity. This includes replacing outdated software with high-tech solutions that save time and money. As a bonus, Electronic Merchant Systems suggested new businesses should tightly manage cash flow and the blog reminded that EMS has an excellent track record when it comes to helping small businesses lower costs for improved profitability. Those that are interested in reading this blog article in its entirety can do so by referring to

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