How To Become A Better Drummer is the Subject of a New AIMM Blog Post

Atlanta Institute of Music and Media has long been regarded as one of the top options in the Atlanta area when it comes to getting a music education. This also plays a factor in how popular its blog posts are among those that would like to know more about a particular music specialty. One of the most recent blog articles this renowned music college posted to its website is titled ‘How to Become a Better Drummer: 8 Top Drumming Tips’. It’s a must-read for those that want to learn how to get better at drums. The article breaks down various tips, techniques, and tasks that drummers can use to increase their skills.

Nite Driscoll, the President of Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, says, “Without a doubt, one of the most fascinating music specialties is playing the drum. Those that are interested in playing drums professionally or recreationally at a high level must be adept at moving both of their hands and feet in a coordinated manner and be able to sustain this movement for long periods. That’s the reason that we wrote our latest blog article. It will help any level drummer take steps to improve in the core areas of this music specialty.”

ways to be a better drummer

The new AIMM blog post started by mentioning that most musicians feel that drums are simple to learn but difficult to master. The best drummers hone their skills by using many of the tips, techniques, and tasks that will be gone over in the newly posted article. It all starts with nailing the fundamentals. The new blog describes mastering the basics as an important first step before trying to learn more advanced drum techniques. Also covered in the blog is the suggestion that it may help a drummer learn by emulating their favorite drummers. This will give someone even more incentive to learn the type of drum playing style that they wish to excel at. It cautioned not to go too far and try to become a carbon copy of a favorite drummer. Another important aspect of drumming that was mentioned in this blog article is developing muscle memory. A step that’s critical when it comes to being able to perform without overthinking. This is best accomplished by performing some drum tasks with the eyes closed so someone can learn to play by feel and have their drum kit become an extension of their body. It was also suggested that it’s helpful to play the drums alongside other musicians. Jamming will not only improve drum skills but can also be a source of feedback that a drummer can use to get better. The more experienced the musicians are that a drummer is jamming with, the more potential that drummer has to accelerate their learning.

Also brought up in the AIMM article is learning to keep time. This is important because one of the drummer’s most important tasks is to keep time for the songs that their band plays. Understanding time signatures are critical when it comes to keeping time. Having quality in practice was also suggested by the new blog post. Just as is often said about sports, good practice habits often carry over when it comes time to perform. It also mentioned maintaining fitness as being important. Playing the drums for 90-minutes is said to take much stamina as professional soccer needs to get them through a match. Cardiovascular activities and weight training were given as examples of types of fitness activities that can help a drummer’s stamina and reflexes. The article also suggested that drummers practice developing both hands. This is something that can be done by them undertaking an ambidextrous lifestyle. Not only while playing the drums but also when doing any type of daily activity.

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