How Leaders of Operations and Maintenance Can Introduce Innovation Whilst Conducting BAU

Australia based EarlyBirds Marketplace, a global open ecosystem for connecting relevant innovations with early adopters, is reaching out to the wider community to share how the leaders of operations and maintenance can introduce disruptive innovation while managing business as usual.

Digital technology is not new to operations and maintenance. However, in recent years the rate and scope of change has skyrocketed due to disruptive technologies. Those in the industry face greater competition and users expect much more. As a result, many companies find they must recreate how they operate, service, and maintain equipment and manage facilities.

Kris Poria of EarlyBirds says, “Usually, introducing any new change into a business can be a difficult task. You’re set in your ways, and no matter what the new innovation is, the process of integrating it into your workplace will hit several obstacles, whether it’s something as simple as your employees needing time to get used to the process or something more complicated like having to completely alter established systems. However, with EarlyBirds, we’re focusing on minimizing disruption so that the leaders of operations and maintenance can easily introduce new innovations while maintaining business as usual.”

For the operations and maintenance sector EarlyBirds has released a white paper Enabling a Digital Transformation Strategy: Operations & Maintenance that can be downloaded from their website. Also EarlyBirds offers self-service and assisted programs for organisations needing to augment innovation programs or to resolve specific business challenges with actionable innovation. The self-service subscription to the EarlyBirds platform allows organisations to search for Innovative solutions and identify Subject Matter Experts.

Jeff Penrose of EarlyBirds adds, “EarlyBirds was designed with the goal of ensuring that all users have a great experience, and a critical part of that is tackling the problem of ensuring a smooth transition when introducing a new innovation into a workplace. We understand that not all innovations are immediately able to fit into how a business currently operates, and while our ‘off the shelf’ innovations can be adapted for specific purposes, we believe that offering options where businesses can request proof of concepts, trials and evaluations goes a long way to creating solutions that are more hassle-free.”

EarlyBirds is an open ecosystem platform that holds a global big data pool of over 1.3 Million innovators. This can be searched by key industries, emerging themes, solution keywords, location of the innovator and organisational maturity. The Innovation Project functionality provides an ability to record a business challenge statement, engage and collaborate with stakeholders, search, store, manage and curate relevant candidate Innovators to solve business challenges.

The EarlyBirds SME led assisted programs are developed for organisations needing to supplement internal capabilities or to provide dedicated resources for innovation initiatives. The Challenger program is designed to solve a defined business challenge, in a short period of time, using interlinked phases. The Explorer program addresses enterprise innovation needs and supplement internal teams. It provides a range of options including industry specific innovation maps and blueprints, innovation days plus the option to run multiple Challenger programs and learning engagements with innovators.

Learn more about EarlyBirds, their history in the field and their wide-ranging services at their website. Those interested may reach out to Kris Poria or Jeff Penrose via email or phone to follow up on any further inquiries. Interested parties may get in touch with the company via their official website. Additionally, social media users may follow EarlyBirds on LinkedIn or join one of their weekly innovation dose Webinars.

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