How Do You know It’s Authentic Italian, According to Nonna Rosa

January 2021, Okatie, SC - When everyone is claiming to be authentic, Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant promises to provide dishes that truly reflect Italy’s best.

The Okatie-based restaurant notes five things to determine if a place is authentic Italian. First on the list is the menu. If it’s authentic, the restaurant’s menu shall have an array of classic Italian dishes and not just the typical famous ones like carbonara, pizza, and cappuccinos.

Nonna Rosa can surely pass this test, for they even have an Italian chef and owner, Peppe Gialone. Nonna Rosa’s Bluffton, SC Italian Restaurant Dinner Menu has been passed down from generation to generation and perfected with each new generation adding their unique techniques and variations.

Chef Peppe recounts that most of his best-loved memories are of his grandmother, watching her create his favorite dishes in her small cucina, sharing good times, and her love of cooking. Not soon after, he also mastered his nonna’s recipes, which customers now enjoy in every dish at Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant.

To achieve Italian taste, premium ingredients are also required. This is why most authentic Italian restaurants may seem a bit pricey at first. But again, watch out for those who put extremely high prices on the menu. Nonna Rosa has the most reasonably-priced Italian dishes in the area.

The Five Star Italian Restaurant also notes that no authentic Italian restaurant uses the same pasta or noodles for the same sauce. Nonna Rosa Italian Restaurant has spaghetti, rigatoni, pappardelle, and they have manicotti (tube-shaped pasta filled with mozzarella and ricotta cheeses topped with fresh marinara sauce) and lasagna. They also have gluten-free pasta.

The next indicator is the portion. While Italians are generous with their portions, ridiculously large servings are not the style of genuine Italian food.

“We at Nonna Rosa, the best local Italian restaurant in Okatie, SC, are very passionate about the food that we serve. Each dish is made not only with premium and high-quality ingredients but with utmost love and devotion as well, all to achieve that authentic Italian masterpiece.”

Besides authentic dishes, the Nonna Rosa also promotes its Peppe’s Special Selection, six of their finest wines hand-picked by Chef Peppe Gialone himself. Among them is the Brunello Notte Di Note, La Togata, Tuscany, described as full-bodied, well-structured, austere, and tannic, and Best of the Show HH 2018.

To inquire or make reservations at the Authentic Italian Restaurant in Okatie, SC, customers may call them at 843 707-1750. Nonna Rosa Restaurant is located at 198 Okatie Village Drive Suite 105, Okatie SC 29909.Visit their website at


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