Hove Marketing Agency Quantum Business Dynamics Publishes Free High-Converting Online Ads Report

George Ogunsiji, Business Growth Strategist at Quantum Business Dynamics, has launched an online guide that helps businesses optimize and get more out of their online ad campaigns. The report uses demonstrable examples of real ads from around the internet to give actionable tips on what some of them are doing right, where some of them are faltering, and what changes can be made to make them convert even more.

PPC advertising is a viable option for growing a business if one has the capital for it. Depending on the industry in which it is operating, a business may require a very sizeable budget to reach its target audience. Google Ads are very competitive. Demographics and keywords that are highly sought for marketers after can easily balloon marketing budgets to unmanageable and unsustainable proportions. This makes it critical to make good use of the advertising dollars and pounds that one has access to and to optimize the ads so that conversion rates are as high as possible.

FREE Report - Create High-Converting Online Ads

The High-Converting Ads report from the Hove marketing consultants, Quantum Business Dynamics, highlights 6 golden rules to ensure that ads are as effective as they can be. First, the goal should be to keep the number of words in the ad as low as possible. Screen space is a precious commodity and the words are a valuable resource to be mined. Ads need to drill down their message to the words that are absolutely essential to their marketing and then crystallize them even further to get the point across in not more than 5-7 words. The report showcases ads from Adobe, Shopify, and Dropbox that encapsulate this wisdom perfectly by getting the core point across in a short, succinct, and impactful phrase.

The next tip is to have the call-to-action button be as prominently displayed as it can be. It should stand out, not blend in the background of the ad, and the user should be automatically guided towards it if they are intrigued with the premise of the ad. The third rule is to distinguish between words for marketing and words for selling and to only use the words that match the intent of the ad and how deep it resides within the business’s marketing funnel. The call-to-action words should also reside within a button that has the right colour, have bold text that is clearly visible, should be short, and convey a sense of urgency. All promising combinations should ideally be heavily A/B tested and only those that deliver results should be given the boost through an increased budget.

The fourth rule mentioned in the report is to use 1st and 2nd person words in the call-to-action instead of 3rd person words which tend to fall flat and fail to connect with the audience. Fifth, marketers can capitalize on the user’s FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) by presenting offers that count down to a set date or hint at a limited stock prompting them to act on an impulse. Ads that evoke a sense of urgency tend to do much better than ads that don’t take advantage of the user’s innate psychological triggers.

Finally, the sixth golden rule mentioned in the report is to make use of high-value words that convey feelings of exclusivity, safety, and assurance. High-value words can also take the form of words that convey prices, discounts, and deals as quickly as possible. The report ends with a list of phrases that are sure to make an impact on any business’s target audience and boost conversions on account of being urgent and intriguing.

Readers who want to find out more about how Quantum Business Dynamics can help craft the perfect PPC ads for their business can contact the company at the phone number +44(0)1273 917434 or the email address info@qbdynamics.co.uk. Readers who want to find out more about the conclusions of the High-Converting Ads report and use its tips and tricks in their own ad strategies can request it by heading over to the link: https://qbdynamics.co.uk/onlineadreport.


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